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  1. Membership
    • 70,523 FFA members
    • aged 13-21
    • 44% of FFA members are female
    • 96% of FFA members are in grades 9-12
    • 4% are high school graduates
    • the top five membership states are Texas, California, Georgia, Oklahoma and Missouri
  2. Agriscience Student Scholarship and Recognition Program
    • Who: high school students
    • What: recognizes studying the application of scientific principles
    • Why: to recognize students who advance in this field
  3. ALA- Advanced Leadership Academy
    • Who: Juniors and Seniors
    • What: Will bring focus to the agriculture industry
    • Where: Redding
    • When: 2 days, Jan. 11-12, deadline Nov. 15
    • Why: Create an understanding of issues that affect the Ag Industry
    • How much: bus- $550 excursion- $185
  4. California Agriculture Special Interest License Plate
    • You spend $50 or $98 on a personalized liscense
    • Support goes directly to youth agriculture programs
  5. Farm City Day
    • -Brings urban and rural chapters together
    • -Promotes the understanding and appreciation of each group as a valuable partner
    • -Includes booths, games, and petting zoos
  6. Food For America
    • -Partners up High School students and Elementary School students
    • -Teaches kids where their food comes from
  7. GLC- Greenhand Leadership Conference
    • Who: Freshman
    • What: To continue the organization through their 4 years of high school
    • When: 1 day long, October
    • Where: Anderson
    • Why: To develop a sense of belonging in the FFA & to identify oppurtunities
    • How much: bus- $660 excursions- $220, $35 registration fee
  8. H.O. Sargent Award
    • -for FFA or Non-FFA members
    • -get for achieving and promoting diversity in agricultural education and FFA
    • -Lassen: many different "cliques" in program
  9. LPS- Local Program Success
    • -initiative by the National Council for Agriculture Education
    • -Seven Components: Instruction, SAE, FFA, Marketing, Partners, Professional Development, Program Planning
    • -Develops a strong, sucessful chapter
  10. MFE- Made For Excellence
    • Who: Sophomores
    • What: How to become a leader, develop strength, and identify personal strengths
    • When: January 11-12, November 15 deadline
    • Where: Redding
    • Why: this will enhance personal development in the FFA and agricultural education
    • How Much: bus- $550 excursion- $185, registration- $100
  11. Misc. Info
    • -Must have male&female chaperone for each sex
    • -Fundraisers: 2 Drive-Up Dinners, Wixs Box Tops, Greenhouse Plant Sale
    • -Every trip, the chapter pays for at least a portion of it
  12. FFA Motto
    • Learning to Do,
    • Doing to Learn,
    • Earning to Live,
    • Living to Serve.
  13. GYSD- Global Youth Service Day
    • -largest annual service event in the world
    • -celebrates the difference youth can make in their communities year-round
    • -April 24-26
    • -in all 50 states and more than 100 countries around the world
    • -log hours under FFA Million Hour Challenge
  14. National Officer Selection Process
    • -One person per state selected to represent (notified of eligibility by Aug. 15)
    • -Nominees are interviews, tested, and nominated to office by a committee
    • -1 President, 4 Vice-Presidents, 1 Secretary
  15. National Convention
    • Who: 55,000 members, Juniors/Seniors
    • What: Learn about careers and leadership skills
    • When: End of October
    • Where: Louisville, Kentucky
    • How Much: around $1700, fundraise for 1 year prior
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