Chapter 5 focus content

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  1. Why are developmental psychologists considered some of the first positive psychologists?
    They originally questioned what is working instead of what is not working.
  2. Resilience
    "bouncing back" a class of phenomena characterized by patterns of positive adaptation in the context of significant adversity or risk.
  3. Current controversies surrounding studying resilience in children
    How universal are the so far specified protective factors and how protective are those factors.
  4. Key studies that originated the study of resilience
    Stories about youth who transcended terrible life circumstances have compelled people to find out more about these resilient people and the resilience process. (Dr. Emmy Werner is considered the "mother of resiliency")
  5. Primary characteristics accounting for the resiliency of at-risk children
    • 1. They were born with outgoing dispositions.
    • 2. they were able to engage several sources of support.
  6. Successful Aging
    • avoiding disease, engagement with life, and maintaining high cognitive and physical functioning
    • (joy, love, and learning)
  7. Research of Successful aging (MacArthur)
    Life engagement (social support and productivity)
  8. Social support
    • socioemotional support (liking and loving)
    • instrumental support (assistance when someone is in need)
  9. Productivity
    sustained physical activity
  10. Research of Successful aging (Vaillant)
    independent evaluations (physical examinations, personal interviews, and surveys) Healthy aging
  11. Healthy Aging
    not smoking; coping adaptively with mature defenses; not abusing alcohol; maintaining healthy weight, stable marriage, and some exercise; and being educated.
  12. Limitations to current understanding of aging well
    Possibility that successful aging is simply the product of experiencing positive emotions in early life.
  13. Cultures affect on successful aging
    The interpretation of successful aging various from culture to culture. Therefore it should not be measured on a universal standard.
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