sociology quiz 1

  1. What is sociology?
    The study of human behavior in society. (group and indv)
  2. what qualitative experiments do sociologists use?
    enothographies, focus groups , interviews
  3. what are the quantitative experiments sociologist use?
    compiling data and manipulating variables
  4. How do sociologists study people?
    They have a hypothesis on a certain situation (that can change) and then they will use either qualitative or quantitative methods for proving this hypothesis.
  5. What were Karl Marx's theories on class?
    He believed in the class of people (every group can fit into a class).  He believed capitalism would destroy itself as the poor got poorer and overthrow system.
  6. According to Karl Marx who were the Proletariat's?
    working class
  7. According to Karl Marx who were the bourgeoisie?
    Owners (upper class)
  8. Who is Auguste comte?
    Believed sociology was science based. It must be done through statistics and dynamics to explain facts and guide society toward peace, order and reform.
  9. What are statistics?
    Study of order and organization.
  10. what are dynamics?
    study of social change.
  11. What was Weber's most famous work?
    The Protestant Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism, about the protestant reform and how its ideas enabled ppl to value material sucess.
  12. Who was W.E.B DuBois?
    Spokesman for civil rights of blacks for over 30 years.
  13. What is the dramaturgical model?
    Goffman- we always have performance on to be liked by others. We change our performance based on others reactions toward us.
  14. What is symbolic interaction?
    examines how people interact in environment to find sense of self. ex: using symbols
  15. What is structural functionalism?
    society has distinct levels for order, stability and meaning . Helps people socialize into their roles when younger.
  16. What is conflict theory?
    those with power want to keep it while those without want to change the system to get it.
  17. What is achieved status?
    Attained status through talent, effort, personal characteristics. ex: college grad
  18. What is ascribed status?
    received involuntarily ( born with or into) ex: Male, American, Homosexual
  19. What is a master status?
    A status that over powers the rest of your statuses. Most of the time it is something that is out of the norm (White, Male,American,Heterosexual) ex: Bill Gates, Hispanics..
  20. What are social roles?
    Sets of behavior that are expected in our status.
  21. what is society?
    ppl and institutions bounded by space under same political authority w/ shared cultural expectations and values.
  22. How do we create society?
    through social interactions
  23. what is role conflict?
    seeing your prof at the bar
  24. what is globalization?
    different levels and groups all around the world connected in a web of similar beliefs
  25. what is cultural diversity?
    cultures are vastly different from eachother
  26. what is ethnocentrism?
    view that your culture is superior to others
  27. what is cultural relativism?
    looking at other cultures equally to yours
  28. what are sub cultures?
    a group within a group set apart from the large group ex: emos
  29. what are counter cultures?
    a group within a large group in opposition to the larger groups views ex: hippies
  30. what are folkways?
    weaker set of norms. informal
  31. what are mores?
    very pronounced norms. laws
  32. what are norms?
    how you are viewed to act
  33. what are values?
    cultural ideas about right/ wrong, good/bad basic lessons in cultures
  34. what is cultural diffusion?
    ideas, styles, religions spread to many cultures
  35. what is a status?
    social indv. identity recognized as meaningful in society.
  36. Robbin williams jr: material comfort
    Americans value living large, getting material things, living well
  37. Robbin williams jr:
    Distrust the rich
    We believe the rich are unhappy. money can t buy everything, best things are free
  38. Robbin williams jr:
    Help those in need, especially during crisis
  39. Robbin williams Jr: 
    we look out for ourselves, we are entitled to luxuries even while others cant have it
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