Special Operations

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  1. What ADP/ADRP covers Special Operations?
    ADP/ADRP 3-05.
  2. What factors determine the employment of special operations forces?
    • National policy 
    • Geographic combatant commander requirements 
    • Joint force commander requirements 
    • Ambassador requirements 
    • The character of the operational environment 
    • The nature of the threat
  3. What are the Special Operations core principles?
    • Discreet 
    • Precise 
    • Scalable operations
  4. What are the 12 Special Operations Force imperatives?
    • Understand the operational environment 
    • Recognize political implications 
    • Facilitate military and interagency activities 
    • Engage the threat discriminately 
    • Anticipate long-term effects 
    • Ensure legitimacy and credibility 
    • Anticipate and control psychological effects 
    • Operate with and through others 
    • Develop multiple options 
    • Support long-term engagement 
    • Provide sufficient intelligence 
    • Balance security and synchronization
  5. What will increase the effectiveness of shaping activities and improve execution of counterterrorism and irregular warfare?
    Interdependence between special operations forces and conventional forces.
  6. What critical capabilities represent the core of America’s unique Army special operations capabilities?
    • Special warfare 
    • Surgical strike
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