1. In which 2 activities would higher levels or body fat be advantageous in sports?
    -when required to overcome inertia of another body or external object

    -long distance swimmers
  2. 5 benefits of greater percentage of muscle mass along with lower percentage of fat mass
    • -greater strength
    • *pound for pound

    -increased speed and endurance

    -greater aesthetic appeal

    -less fat= less resistance

    -more lean mass= more power
  3. If body weight is not a reliable way to track progress, what should we use then?
    Body composition
  4. Formula to calculate fat mass
    % body fat x body weight
  5. Formula to calculate fat free mass
    Body weight- fat mass
  6. Formula for desired body weight
    Fat free mass/ (1- desired %body fat)
  7. Weight reduction) 3500 kcal= ?
    1 pound of fat
  8. Weight reduction) What 3 main phases does annual training cycle consist of?


  9. Weight reduction) Nutrition periodization- when is it recommended to pursue active weight reduction? (2)
    During the transition cycle or the initial part of the preparation cycle
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