Health Service Support Operations

  1. What is the Mission of HSS?
    to minimize the effects that wounds, injuries, and disease have on units' effectiveness, readiness, and morale.
  2. What is Joint Pub 4-02?
    Doctrine for Health Service Support in Joint Operations
  3. What is the medical plan that must integrate and comply with the commander's plan?
  4. What is the medical plan that must provide HSS as close to combat operations as the tactical situation permits?
  5. What is the medical plan that must shift HSS resources to meet changing requirements?
  6. What is the medical plan that must anticipate requirements for rapid movement of HSS units to support combat forces during operations?
  7. What is the medical plan that must provide optimum, uninterrupted care and treatment to the wonded, injured, and sick.
  8. What is the medical plan that must ensure that HSS resources in short supply are efficiently employed and used effectively to support the planned operations?
  9. (______) promotes wellness and ensures quality of life to strengthen the human component of military forces against disease and injury.
  10. What is a routine sick call, physical examination, preventive medicine, dental maintenance, record maintenance, and reports submission?
    Health maintenance
  11. What is a Casualty collection?
    selection of and manning of locations where casualties are assembled, triaged, treated, protected from further injury, evacuated.
  12. What is a Caualty treatment?
    Triage and treatment
  13. What are facilities and services to hold sick, wounded, and injured personnel for a limited time, ususally not to exceed 72 hours?
    Temporary casualty holding
  14. What is Casualty evacuation?
    Movement and ongoing treatment of the sick, wounded, or injured while in trasit to medical treatment facilities?
  15. What does M.A.G.T.F stand for?
    Marine Air Ground Task Force
  16. The MARFOR deals with matters more on the operational level of war, but the MEF is more focused toward the tactical level.
    True or False
  17. What does M.A.W stand for?
    Marine Aircraft Wing
  18. What does F.S.S.G stand for?
    Force Service Support Group
  19. What provides initial resuscitative HSS support to the MEF and is the only source of organic Marine Corps medical support above the aid station level?
    Medical Battalion
  20. What is the Primary mission of a Medical Battalion?
    to perform those emergency medical and surgical procedures that, if not performed, could lead to death or loss of limb or body function.
  21. The battalion structure has (___) holding beds and (__) operating rooms.
    • 260
    • 9
  22. The H&S company contains 8 STPs that have (___) patient holding beds each. Each Surg Co. contains (___) beds and (__) operating rooms.
    • 10
    • 60
    • 3
  23. A Surgical Company is composed of a Headquarters platoon, Triage/evacuation platoon, (____), (______), and (_____).
    • Surgical platoon
    • Holding platoon
    • Services platoon
  24. The Shock Trauma Platoon (STP) is the smallest, most mobile medical support platoon of the medical battalion.
    True or False
  25. What does a HSS detachment (HSSD) structure include?
    • STP
    • H&S company, medical battalion elements
    • Med Log Co Detachments
    • Dental detachments
    • Surg Co.
  26. What is a DD Form 1380?
    FMC (Field Medical Card)
  27. What is AMAL 629 and 630?
    • Pharmacy Equipment
    • Pharmacy Supply
  28. What is AMAL 684?
    Geographic Supplement
  29. What is AMAL 687?
    NBC Individual
  30. What is AMAL 691 and 692?
    • Med Log Test/Repair Equipment
    • Med Log Test/Repair Supply
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