Navmed P-117 Chap 19

  1. What does chapter 19 pertain to?
    Fleet Marine Force
  2. Who is directly responsible to the SECNAV for all aspects of the marine corps?
    The Commandant of the Marine Corps.
  3. Who else is the Commandant responsible to?
    The Chief of Naval Operations
  4. Where is information about medical duties/facilities within the marine corps found?
    MCWP 4-11.1 Health Service Support Operations
  5. Who acts as a liaison between the Commandant and Chief BUMED?
    N093M Deputy for Marine Corps Medical Matters
  6. Who administers and coordinates all of the BUMED aspects of the fleet and marine corps?
    The Assistant Chief, Operational Medicine and Fleet Support (MED-02)
  7. What are the three responsibilities that medical support to the FMF must satisfy?
    • 1. Conserve power
    • 2. Best possible care
    • 3. Medical planning
  8. Dental support is provided to the FMF by whom?
    Dental battalion assigned to the force service support group by Dental and Medical Service Corps officers
  9. What are the two chain of commands within the marine corps?
    Service and Operational
  10. The marine corps is divided into what four broad categories?
    Operating forces, Marine corps reserve, supporting establishment, Headquarters US Marine Corps
  11. What is the marine corps principle organization of all missions?
    MAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force)
  12. What are the four core elements of each MAGTF?
    Command element (CE), Ground combat element(GCE), Aviation Combat Element (ACE), Combat service support(CSS) element (CSSE)
  13. Who advises the marine force commander on all medical matters?
    The Force Surgeon
  14. Who acts as a special staff officer under the Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics?
    The Division Surgeon and the Group Surgeon
  15. What is contained within each marine battalion?
    Battalion Aid Station(BAS)
  16. BAS' are comprised of?
    Two medical officers (battalion surgeon) and up to 65 hospital corpsmen
  17. Each flying squadron's medical section consists of what?
    A flight surgeon and three to four corpsmen
  18. What is the medical battalion made up of?
    A Headquarters and Service Company (H&S Co.) and three identical surgical companies
  19. What is contained within each surgical company?
    3 operating rooms and a 60 bed ward with supporting laboratory, x-ray, prev med, and pharmacy
  20. What is the smallest, most mobile medical support platoon?
    Shock trauma platoon
  21. What level of care do dental battalions provide?
    Level 4 comprehensive dental services
  22. Each level of the Health Service Support system is limited by four factors:
    • 1. Urgency of patient needs
    • 2. Requirement for mobility of medical personnel/facilities
    • 3. Capabilities
    • 4. Workload
  23. What are the 5 levels of care?
    • 1. First Aid/Emergency Medical Care
    • 2. Initial Resuscitative Care
    • 3. Resusucitative Care
    • 4. Definitive Care
    • 5. Convalescent, restorative and, rehavilitative care
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