Conlaw Rules 2

  1. Pardon power
    repreives for federal offenses, but not for impeachment or state crimes
  2. Vetor power
    10 days to veto act of Congress. Overrided by 2/3 vote in both houses.

    No line-item veto.
  3. Appointmemt and removal of officials
    With advice and consent of the Senate to appoint all officers of the US

    Includes: ambassadors and supreme court justices

    Congress may delegate appointment of inferior officials to president alone

    May remove executive appointees withut cause and without Senate approval
  4. Authority as chief executive
    This authority varies with degree of congressional authorization

    • where Congress has offered express or implied authorization, pthe action is strongly presumed to be valid
    • where Congress has not spoken, the action is invalid if it interferes with the operations or power of another branch of government
    • where Congress has spoken to the contrary, the action is likely invalid.
  5. Commander in chief
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