PTA 212 "Pain Control" PP

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  1. TEN's purpose
    • (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
    • ES to modulate pain
  2. 4 types of TENS
    • conventional
    • low rate/acupuncture like
    • burst mode
    • electroacupuncture
  3. T/F conventional is till visible contraction
  4. conventional properties
    • high rate
    • short duration pulse
    • high frequency
    • based on gate-control theory of pain
    • only effective during stimulation
  5. psychogenic/psychosomatic pain
    pain from too much emotions like anger or anxiety
  6. frequency of conventional TENS
  7. this TENS is effective for 4-5 hours after stimulus
    low rate/acupuncture like
  8. low rate/acupuncture like properties
    • reptitive stim of motor units
    • stims endogenous opioid production and release
  9. frequence of low rate
    • low
    • 2-10pps
    • results in small muscle contractions
  10. use for e-stim clinicl orthopedics
    • increase strg s/p surgery
    • ACL recontstruction
    • TKA
  11. e-stim alternative for surgery for these conditions
    • OA,
    • RA
    • patellofemoral syndrome
  12. burst mode frequency
    generally preset in unit at 10 bursts
  13. burst mode mechanism is more like conventional or low rate?
    low rate
  14. who can apply electroacupuncture?
    only physicians and acupunturists
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