Aftermath Scene 1

  1. JIMMY

    Come on, Bud, hurry up. (BUDDY sticks his head through the window)
    The other way.
  2. JIMMY

    Put your legs through first.

    Jimmy, it's dark in here.

    There ought to be a light in here.
    We gonna stay here?
  4. JIMMY

    Gimme a boost, Teabag. We got to shut this window.
    Don't you think they'll find us here? We're awful close.

    Chill, dude, I'm comin'.
    Why can't we go home? Nobody could have recognized us.

    Did you see the look on his face, man?
    Don't talk about it.

    But the look on his face! I always wondered what it would look like. I just wish it'd been me, man. I wish I'd been the one to...
    Stop it, Teabag! Jimmy, they can't know it was us. I mean, we wore ski masks. Who's gonna know/ O, geez, we're in trouble. If they find out it was us...especially since...since...
  8. JIMMY

    Cool it, Teabag.
    Jimmy, why'd ya' hafta shoot him? Oh, shit, we're in for it now. We're done for!
  9. JIMMY

    Shh! Listen.
    I don't hear nothin'.
  10. JIMMY

    Shut up.

    Okay. Guess it was nothin'
    Hey, Jimmy, you still got the gun?
  11. TEABAG

    Let me see it. It's still warm. God, feel that! It's still warm! Blam! There he went, flying back into the nasal spray and toothpaste. It was beautiful. Fucking beautiful.
    Do you think he's dead?
  12. JIMMY

    No, you're wrong. I just hit him in the shoulder. A guy can't die from that.
    He could bleed to death.
  13. JIMMY

    Not if they took him to the hospital right away. You saw that cop when we ducked in here. You know they found him.
    Jimmy, you don't look so good. You okay?
  14. JIMMY

    You sure you only hit him in the shoulder?
  15. TEABAG

    No, man, I'm tellin' you, you hit him lower, like in the chest. Probably hit a lung at least.
    If you hit him in the shoulder then he's only wounded and it ain't that bad, but if you hit him where Teabag says then he's prob'ly dead. So which is it, Jimmy, is he dead or not?
  16. TEABAG



    We weren't supposed to shoot anybody.
  17. TEABAG

    You're awful pale, Hicks. Been hangin' around your little wimp friend here too much.
    I'm not a wimp. Why don't you just shut up and leave him alone?
  18. TEABAG

    Who asked you? You don't look like that 'cause you're scared, do you Hicks?
    Leave him alone, Teabag. Jesus, he just shot somebody. I'm scared, too.
  19. TEABAG

    Yeah, but you're a little shit and you're supposed to be scared.
    Oh, just shut up.
  20. TEABAG

    It pissed me off.
    Hey, guys, there's a little room in here!
  21. TEABAG

    We didn't get any money, asshole, that's what I'm talking about.
    Look at this, guys.
  22. JIMMY

    Don't you think we ought to worry about gettin' outa this mess first? How did you know about---
  23. JIMMY

    Who's there?
    It was a rat!
  24. JIMMY

    A what?
    A rat! It ran right over my foot.
  25. TEABAG

    Jesus Christ, you little shit, give us a heart attack.
    But you didn't see it.
  26. JIMMY

    Calm down, Buddy, a little rat isn't gonna hurt you.
    It was a big rat.
  27. TEABAG

    You're not gonna wimp out over a stupid little rat, are you? I think we oughta put him back in there, Hicks, just for makin' us jump like that.
  28. TEABAG

    It's only a pantry, kid, no need to wet your pants.
    Teabag! Stop it!
  29. TEABAG

    Hey, it's cool.
    Geez..., you think it got him?
  30. JIMMY

    I think we were talking about how we were gonna get out of here. Pay attention, Buddy.
    But the rat, do you think...
  31. JIMMY

    To hell with the goddamned rat. We've got to figure out what we're gonna do... and if you screwed anything else up. Where's your ski mask, Buddy?
    I ditched it.
  32. JIMMY

    You what? Buddy, no. Where'd you ditch it?
    I don't know. Somewhere between here and the store. I was just runnin' and I figured I ought to ditch it.
  33. JIMMY

    Where, Buddy, where?
    I don't know!
  34. JIMMY

    Jesus, Buddy, now somebody's gonna' have to go find it.
  35. JIMMY

    Because as soon as the cops find that mask, they're gonna' know what direction we went in. Right now they're probably searching all over town, but as soon as they find that ski mask, they're gonna be right here in this neighborhood.
    I'm sorry. I just thought you were supposed to ditch stuff like that.
  36. JIMMY

    I didn't want you wearin' it in the first place.
    But somebody would have recognized me!
  37. JIMMY

    Yeah, well, don't do anything stupid. Right now let's figure out what we're gonna do.
    You got a plan?

    But we got to o somethin'. I don't like stayin' in this basement.
  38. JIMMY

    True. But we got to figure out what to do if they know. Or even if they just think it was us. I'm not gonna sit around home waitin' for them to come get me.
    I don't like this place.
  39. JIMMY

    Yeah, me either, but I told you, it's safe. Unless you start screamin' about rats again. We got to think about this. We need some cash. Enough to get us out of town, anyway. I'll worry about Dozier later. Your old man have any money stashed?
    Who's Dozier?
  40. JIMMY

    What about you, Buddy? Your mom keep any money around the house?
    She keeps a little in her drawer. But I don't dare touch it. She'd kill me.
  41. JIMMY

    How much she keep in there?
    I don't know. About a hundred bucks by now, maybe. She's savin' up for a trip. Some church thing.
  42. JIMMY

    You think we can get into the house tomorrow without her knowing?
    She'd kill me, Jimmy. I can't take that money.
  43. TEABAG

    He was an old fart, anyway. Prob'ly had arthritis and couldn't poop or pee by himself anymore. I'll bet we did him a favor and put him out of his misery.
    Don't say that, Teabag. He's only wounded.
  44. JIMMY

    Shut up, man.
    Hey, come on guys, it's okay. We can get the money from my mom.
  45. TEABAG

    You going' into withdrawals, man? Huh? Take after your old man, don't ya.
  46. JIMMY

    Buddy. Put the gun down.
    We can take my mom's money. Now you guys quit fighting.
  47. JIMMY

    We quit.
    Promise? I mean, you can't fight. Somebody'll hear you.
  48. JIMMY

    We promise, now put the gun down.
  49. TEABAG

    Yeah, okay.
    Call a truce?
  50. TEABAG

    Truce? Jesus kid, grow up.
    Well, just say you ain't gonna fight anymore.
  51. TEABAG


    See you guy's do need me. Keep ya' from killin' each other.

    I thought you guys were friends.
  52. TEABAG

    We fight all the time. It don't mean shit.
    Sure looked like it to mean.
  53. JIMMY

    In there?
    But the rats!

    Come on out. I know you're down here.

    Damn rats.
    What are we gonna do now, Jimmy?
  55. JIMMY

    But what are we gonna do?
  56. JIMMY

    Jesus Christ, Buddy, you left your jacket layin' on the floor. What if she saw it?
    I'm sorry, Jimmy. But look, it's an old jacket anyway. She prob'ly just thought it was already here, like the rest of this stuff.
  57. TEABAG

    Wish for the opposite.
    Wow, this is neat. Look, guys. I'm gonna wear this one, it's warmer than mine. Kinda stinks, though.
  58. TEABAG

    Most army shit does.
    There's all kinds of stuff in here.
  59. TEABAG

    Nothin' in there my old man hadn't got in our basement.
    Look, a canteen. I'll bet we can use this. Geez, what's this?
  60. TEABAG

    Well, hey, maybe I oughta just leave then. It's gettin' pretty dark.
    I'm hungry. Maybe you could get us somethin' to eat.
  61. JIMMY

    What about the pantry. Was there anything in there?
    Just a bunch of dusty old jars. And a dead rat.
  62. TEABAG

    Yeah, shrivel up into some skinny Ethiopian, nothin' but bones and a big pot-belly.
    Hey, what do you call an Ethiopian with a quarter on his head?

    A nail!

    Well I thought it was funny.
  63. TEABAG

    How else are we gonna know?
    I'll bet we could find him a disguise in all this stuff.

    That's cool.
  64. JIMMY

    Not the ski mask, asshole. You need another hat.
    How 'bout this one?
  65. TEABAG

    There anything in these boxes but Army shit?
    What's wrong with this one?
  66. TEABAG

    It just makes you a retard.
  67. JIMMY

    What happened?
  68. JIMMY

    I don't know. Something's different...
    That light went out. Outside the door.
  69. JIMMY

    You hit somehtin' electrical. Maybe you blew a breaker.
    The breaker box is in the basement at my house. Bet we could find it.
  70. JIMMY

    Oh, shit.
  71. JIMMY

    Here it is!
    Hurry, Jimmy!
  72. JIMMY

    Got it! Did it work?
    Man, that was close.
  73. TEABAG

    Whatsa' matter, kid, pee your pants?
    Shut up, Teabag.
  74. JIMMY

    Randy Moreno used to live here.
    That hat sure does look funny on you.
  75. TEABAG

    Fuck you, man.
    Wait, I saw some glasses in here somewhere. Here Teabag, try these.
  76. TEABAG

    Army issue. Uh-uh.

    Geez, guy musta' been blind, anyway. I can't see squat.
  77. TEABAG

    Look, if somebody comes down here you can hide in the pantry again.
    With the rats?
  78. JIMMY

    Not your jacket, asshole. Buddy, give him that one.
    This one?
  79. TEABAG

    Yeah, I'm comin' back. Just kiddin', Hicks.
    Hurry, Teabag, I'm hungry.
  80. TEABAG

    You know, Hicks, you can be a real prick sometimes. Just give me a boost.
    He's comin' back, ain't he Jimmy?
  81. JIMMY

    I think so.
    Yeah, he better. I'm starved. How come you hang around him anyway?
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