New Deal policies

  1. FDIC
    • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Provides insurance up to $5000 in insurance to prevent panic
  2. CCC
    • Civilian Conservation Corps
    • Provided employment by jobs make by the government. Made 3 million jobs.
    • Prevented poverty
    • National Recovery Administration
    • Assisted industries, labor, and unemployment.
    • Shortened work hours to shifts so more people could work.
    • Fair competition
    • Federal Emergency Relief Act
    • made to give immediate relief.
    • Put Hopkins in charge
  5. PWA/WPA
    • Works Progress Administration
    • Employment of useful projects.
    • Build roads and buildings and employed millions
  6. AAA
    • Agricultural Adjustment Act
    • Helped farmers meet their mortgages
    • eliminated price depressing surpluses.
  7. Securities Act
    • Required promoters to transmit to investors sworn information regarding the soundness of their stocks and bonds.
    • Prevents panic.
  8. TVA
    • Tennessee Valley Authority
    • Agency that would find the exact price of production and distribution of electricity.
    • Created a yardstick to determine the fairness of rates.
    • Prevents monopolies of private industries.
  9. FHA
    • Federal Housing Administration
    • Improved houses and finished them
    • Solves federal housing
  10. FCC
    • Federal Communication Commission
    • Regulates interstate and international communication by radio.
    • Explained economics to people/ prevent panic
  11. Gold Reserve Act
    Required all gold and gold certificates held by the Federal Reserve be surrendered and rested in the sole total of the united states department of treasury.
  12. NLRA (Wager Act)
    • Nation Labor Relations Act
    • Created new labor union which reserved the rights to engage in self organization and bargain collectively through representation of its own choice.
    • Reorganized labor unity
  13. SSA
    • Social Security Act
    • retired workers received regular payment form 10 to 15 dollars a month.
    • Cushioned future depressions
    • Unemployment insurance
  14. FTC
    • Federal Trade Commission
    • Promotion of consumer protection and anti-competitive business practices like monopolies.
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