music appreciation pt.3

  1. what are the orchestral forms?
    • incidental music
    • symphonies
    • concert overture
    • symphonic poem
  2. what is incidental music?
    • pieces based on music between acts of a Shakespeare play.¬†
    • example is Mendelssohn "midsummer Night's dream"
  3. what are symphonies?
    • they are absolute non-program music¬†
    • example is Brahms symphony No.3 in F major
  4. What is an example of a concert overture?
    Opera such as "ruslan and ludmilla by glinka
  5. who wrote Pictures at an Exhibition which is known as ballet of the unhatched chicks?
  6. who wrote flight of the buble bee?
  7. who wrote carnival of the animals featuring the swan?
  8. what are the three program works?
    "pictures at an exhibition" known as ballet of the unhatched chicks

    "Flight of the Buble Bee"

    "carnival of the animals" known as the swan
  9. what is a symphonic poem and what is an example?
    • it is a one movements piece
    • don juan
  10. example of a program symphony?
    who wrote it?
    • Italian symphony
    • mendelsson
  11. what is an example of a program symphony extraordinaire?
    symphonie fantasitque in five movements by Berlioz
  12. what were the romantic concertos?
    "concerto in e minor" by mendelsson with violin

    • "concerto in a minor" by Grieg with piano
    • "concerto in a minor" by Schumann with piano
    • "concerto #2 in c minor" by Rachmaninoff with piano.
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