Geography Test

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  1. How old is the earth?
    4.5 billion years old
  2. What was the earth like in its earliest form?
    ball of molten rock
  3. How did the earth become a "water world"?
    from water rich meteors
  4. What is the oldest type of rock on Earth and how were they formed?
    pillo lava (basaltic lava); formed when lava is submerged in deep water
  5. How were the Earth's continents formed and by which type of rock?
    formed by superheated water and lava; type of rock = granite
  6. What was the name of the Earth's first SuperContinent?
  7. How did this planet become "snowball earth"?
    the supercontinent Rodinia blocked hot water flows causing the planet to freeze
  8. What are Sromatolites and what did they do?
    they are the earliest living thing on Earth; they produced oxygen
  9. What causes the continents to drift?
    convection currents; circulation of magma in the mantle; Alfred Wegner
  10. What happened during the Cambrian Explosion?
    An increase in the number and complexity of life forms on Earth
  11. What happened to allow life forms to leave the oceans?
    the ozone layer was created blocking the UV radiation from destroying life that tried to leave the ocean
  12. What was Pangaea?
    the most recent super continent
  13. What happened to the dinosaurs (specifically)?
    they were hit by an enormous meteor; volcanoes finished them off
  14. Which two primary forces created the Grand Canyon and all mountains?
    continental drift and erosion
  15. Which animal have dominated the Earth since the end of the dinosaurs?
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