1. Fog Nozzle
    100 psi
  2. Hand Line Tip
    50 psi
  3. Master Stream Tip
    80 psi
  4. Ladder 3
    80 psi
  5. Portable Monitor 1 3/4" Tip
    70 psi
  6. Portable Monitor 2" Tip
    50 psi
  7. Atmospheric Pressure
    • Pressure exerted by the atmosphere at the surface of the earth due to the weight of air.
    • 14.7 PSI
    • Pressure is reduced .5 PSI per 1000' of elevation
  8. Head Pressure
    Water pressure due to elevation, water will gain/lose .434 PSI per foot
  9. Static Pressure
    Stored potential energy available to force water through pipe, fittings, hose, and adapters.
  10. Normal Operating Pressure
    Found in water distribution system during normal consumption demands.
  11. Residual Pressure
    Part of the total available pressure not used to overcome friction loss of gravity while forcing water through pipe, fittings, hose, and adapters.
  12. Flow Pressure
    Forward velocity at a discharge opening while water is flowing.
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Nozzle Pressure, Atmosheric Pressure, Head Pressure, Static Pressure, Normal Operating Pressure, Residual Pressure, Flow Pressure