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  1. Subject
    - what you are talking about.
  2. Predicate
    - what you are saying about it.
  3. - Categorical Proposition:
    Men are pigs.
  4. Compound Propositions: Hypothetical, Disjunctive, Conjunctive
    If men like hamburgers, then men are pigs.

    Either men are dogs or men are pigs. 

    Men are both dogs and pigs.
  5. - Universal
    = “All men are pigs” (Singulars are treated as universals: “Jimmy is a pig”)
  6. - Particular
    = “Some men are pigs” (includes “most,” “many,” etc.)
  7. - Affirmative
    = “All men are pigs”
  8. - Negative
    = “No men are pigs”
  9. A, E, I, O
    - Universal Affirmative (All S is P) 

    - Universal Negative (No S is P)

    - Particular Affirmative (Some S is P)

    - Particular Negative (Some S is not P)
  10. A term is distributed when it refers to all; undistributed when it refers to some.
  11. - The Subject of a Universal Proposition (A or E) is always distributed.
  12. - The Predicate of a Negative Proposition (E or O) is always distributed.
  13. A - All Sd is Pu
    E - No Sd is Pd
    I - Some Su is Pu
    O - Some Su is not Pd
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