Maude - 83 year old woman admitted to assisted living

  1. Which of the following if any, “conditions” would you need to rule out before proceeding?

    E. All of the above
  2. In assessing for depression, what symptoms need to be investigated? 

    C. a., b., and d.
  3. What evidence do you have of dysexecutive function?

    E. All of the above
  4. New info: Maude's daughter reports that she has never been independence and relied on him to make all decisions.

    Given this new information, are there any other diagnostic considerations?

    D. 301.6 Dependent Personality Disorder
  5. If reversible causes
    are ruled out for Maude’s presentation, what is your recommendation regarding housing?

    a. Return to the daughter’s home
    b. Move Maude to her own home with home
    care supports
    c. Encourage Maude to stay in her present
    d. Move Maude to long term care
    c. Encourage Maude to stay in her present setting
  6. What management strategies would you recommend to the assisted living staff?                                    
    a. Validate client’s losses and then
    provide distraction                                     
    b. Provide a schedule of events and
    encourage Maude to plan to attend activities independently
    c. Tell Maude she is not going home or to her daughter’s home so she needs to get used to her new home                                                                                                                                                               d. Provide structure to maximize engagement in occupation                                                                   e. a. and d.
    e. a. and d.
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Maude - 83 year old woman admitted to assisted living
Maude had been living with her daughter for the last year following the sudden death of her husband. She has macular degeneration and is legally blind.