Series 66 - S's pt2

  1. An underwriter is stabilizing when he makes bids at or below the public offering price while offers are being made attempting to fix or peg the price of the security in the aftermarket to the public offering price of the new issue in the primary market.
  2. Self-Regulatory Organizations.
    • NYSE
    • NASD
    • MSRB
  3. Sometimes referred to as the "Truth in Securities" Act.
    Securities Act of 1933
  4. The theory that reductions in tax rates will stimulate investment by corporations and wealthy individuals which will benefit the entire economy.
    Supply Side Economics
  5. The concept in the securities industry that recommendations by registered representatives to customers must fit the customer's investment objectives, financial situation and needs.
  6. Quotations representing prices which are subject to confirmation. Prices are not "firm".
    Subject Market
  7. The Internal Revenue Code permits a corporation that has 75 fewer shareholders and meets other IRS requirements to be taxed as if it were a partnership.
    Subchapter S Corporation
  8. Sallie Mae
    Student Loan Marketing Association
  9. a publicly traded corporation listed on the NYSE that guarantees student loans, purchases student loans from financial institutions with funds obtained from selling bonds, provides a secondary market in government-guaranteed student loans.
    Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae)
  10. Refers to stock registered in the name of a broker, brokerage firm, or nominee - a name other than that of the owner.
    Street Name
  11. a combination involving a put and a call option for the same security, with the same expiration date and at the same striking price. If both options are purchased, it is a "long" ___, while if both are sold, it is a "short" ___.
  12. A procedure where the specialist guarantees a floor broker the purchase or sale of a security at a specific price while the floor broker attempts to obtain a better price in the open market.
    Stopping Stock
  13. The SEC will issue a ___ ___ when they feel a registration statement is not complete or is inadequate in a material way. IF a ___ ___is issued prior to the effective date, an amendment to the registration statement will be required.
    Stop Order (Registration)
  14. Represents the owner's interest in the assets. It consists of preferred stock, common stock, paid-in capital, and retained earnings.
    Stockholder's Equity
  15. An assignment form that is separate from the stock certificate, but looks the same as the assignment form on the back of the stock certificate.
    Stock Power
  16. Over the long term, investors have received the highest returns from common stock, followed by long-term bonds, and money market instruments. Over the long term, securities with a higher risk provide a higher rate of return. In the short term, money market instruments or long-term bonds may out-perform common stocks.
    Stock Market Performance
  17. A document indicating a shareholder's ownership in a corporation.
    Stock Certificate
  18. An exchange member who is given the responsibility to maintain a fair and orderly market in any security in which he is the registered specialist.
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