Midterm for AR

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  1. aimed at restoring optimizing a patient’s participation in activities that have been limited as a result of hearing loss
    Aural rehabilitation
  2. What are some goals of aural rehabilitation?
    • Alleviate the difficulties related to hearing los • Minimize the consequences of hearing loss
  3. refers to how smoothly conversation flows
    Conversational fluency
  4. loss of function imposed by hearing loss (multidimensional phenomenon)
    Hearing-related disability
  5. loss of physical structure and function (Ex:  no longer being able to take part in conversation easily because of hearing loss)
    Activity limitation
  6. lifestyle change due to activity limitation (Ex: Avoiding social events because of hearing loss)
    Participation restriction
  7. What is the difference between aural rehabilitation and aural habilitation?
    Rehabilitation: restoring a lost skill

    Habilitation: developing a skill that was never present; primarily used in reference to children
  8. What does the degree of hearing loss deal with?
    Audiogram, pure tone average, configuration, hard of hearing, deaf, and Deaf (capital D)
  9. What does an audiogram measure?
    Frequency and decibels
  10. A term for a person with a mild to severe loss (between 26 and 70dB)
    Hard of hearing (hearing impaired)
  11. Person with a profound hearing loss.
  12. people who were born deaf or who grew up with deaf family members; share a similar language, culture and educational experiences
    Deaf (capital D)
  13. What are the types of onset?
    Congenital, acquired, pre-lingual, perilingual, postlingual
  14. present at birth, or associated with the birthing process
  15. not present at birth but is incurred later, either as a child or a adult
    • Acquired
  16. hearing loss incurred before the acquisition of spoken language skills
  17. hearing loss incurred after acquiring some spoken language but before acquisition is complete
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