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    What is systematic review?
    • A literature review that is structured like a report, with an Introduction, Method, Results, and discussion.
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    What is meta-analysis?
    A particular kind of report, in which the data are effect sizes from primary research reports following a systematic review
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    What is independent variable?
    Variable that is assumed to cause a change in the dependent variable. In experiments, the independent variable is manipulated by the researcher.
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    What is dependent variable?
    Variable that is measured by the researcher to record the effect of the independent variable.
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    What is introduction?
    Section of a report in which you review the literature and conclude with a statement of your aims and hypotheses
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    What is method?
    Section of a report in which you describe how you collected the data
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    What is results?
    Section of a report that represents summary statistics (in text, in figures, or in tables) of your data along with statistical analyses
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    What is discussion?
    Section of a report in which you explain the results you observed and consider the implications of these findings
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    What is an abstract?
    A brief summary of a report or essay that appears at the beginning of the report, immediately after the title page.
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    What is tense?
    A grammatical term referring to when an action takes place. There are four main tenses used in assignments (in order of how common they are): past tense, present tense, future tense, present perfect tense.
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    What are major words?
    All words of four or more letter or that are nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and pronouns (even if fewer than four letters, such as "is" and "He"
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    What is mediation?
    Mediation studies are undertaken to show whether an independent variable causes changes in another variable, which in turn causes changes in the dependent variable
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    What is moderation?
    The study of individual characteristics, conditions, or other factors that modify the relationship between two variables.
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    What is replication?
    A key element of scientific method with two meanings. First, any researcher should be able to repeat the method of any past study. Second, having conducted the new study, the research should obtain the same results as those of the past study.
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    What is participants and subjects?
    • Participants: An adult who participates in a study after giving his or her informed consent to contribute his or her data.
    • Subject: An individual who yields data for a study without giving informed consent (such as a child or an animal); a participant
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    What is between-subject design?
    An experimental design in which some participants or subjects are assigned to one condition, and other conditions, but none to more than one condition.
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    What is mixed design?
    An experimental design in which at least one indpendent variable is between-subject and at least one independent variable is within-subject.
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    What is within-subject design?
    An experimental design in which all participants or subjects are assigned all conditions. It is also called a repeated-measures design.
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    What is error bar?
    An element of a graph showing a vertical line, usually above and below a point or bar, showing the variability of that mean.
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    What is effect size?
    A measure of the size of a relationship between two variables.
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    What is spurious variable?
    A variable that is correlated with both the dependent and independent variables. If not controlled, the dependent and independent variables that are not actually related seem to be related.
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