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    • 나들이 (서울 나들이)
    • going out, a short visit
  1. 나머지
    the remainder, the rest, the balance
  2. 나물 (나물을 캐다)
    wild greens, pot herbs (pick wild greens)
  3. 나뭇입
    leaves of trees, foliage
  4. 낙서
    scribble, doodle, graffiti
  5. 낙엽
    defoliation, fall of leaves
  6. 난로
    heating stove, a heater, a fireplace
  7. 난방
    heating, heated room
  8. 날개
    the wings, an airfoil
  9. another person, other people
  10. 남녀노소
    people of all ages and both sexes
  11. 남부
    the southern part, the South
  12. 남성
    the male, masculinity, menfolk
  13. 낭비
    waste (of time or energy), wastefulness, extravagance
  14. 내복 (겨울 내복)
  15. 내부 (내부 수리)
    internal (internal repairs)
  16. 내성적
    introspective, reflective
  17. 내용물
    the contents
  18. 냇가
    a riverside, the edge of the river
  19. 냉방병
    (to be sick with) airconditioningitis
  20. 네트워크
  21. 노동 (노동 인력)
    (manual) labor, toil
  22. 노동자
    a laborer, a wage earner
  23. 노력
    labors, efforts, toil
  24. 노선 (버스 노선)
    (transit) line
  25. 노약자
    the old and weak, senior and disabled
  26. 노인
    an old person, a passerby
  27. 노처녀
    an old maid
  28. 노총각
    an old bachelor
  29. 노트북
  30. 녹음
    a recording
  31. 녹음기
    a recording machine
  32. 논문
    thesis, a paper
  33. 놀이터
    a playground, a recreation area
  34. 농담
    a joke, a jest
  35. 농민
    a peasant, a farmer
  36. 농부
    a plowman, a farm laborer
  37. 농사
    agricultural farming
  38. 농약
  39. 농작물
    the crops, farm produce
  40. 농촌
    a farm village, a rural community
  41. 높이
    height, altitude, elevation
  42. 높임말
    honorific language
  43. 눈길 (눈길이 마주치다)
    snow covered road (run against snow covered road)
  44. 눈높
    snow height
  45. 눈병 (also 안질)
    eye disease
  46. 눈보라
    a snowstorm
  47. 눈사태
    a snowslide, an avalanche
  48. 눈썹
    an eyebrow
  49. 눈치
    tact, sense, quick wit
  50. 남성복
    men's wear
  51. 남녀평등
    gender equality
  52. 놀이 (주사위 놀이)
    playing (playing dice)
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