Goddesses and Women 460-40BC

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    • Funerary stele of young girl from Paros,
    • c. 450-440
    • Grave stelai in Greek cemeteries
    • A little girl, standing in profile, bows her head with a seriousness unusual in someone so young; her face is serene and strong.
    • The child wears a peplos, a simple woolen garment folded over at the top and fastened at the shoulders. The unsewn edges fall open in a cascade of folds along her right side. Smooth against her legs, the fabric clarifies the pose of the body beneath it.
    • Farewell to her pet doves.
    • Children often appear with their pets on Classical grave reliefs
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    • Mourning Athena’. Athena stands in front of a stele.
    • Stele from Athenian Acropolis, c. 460 BC (Acropolis Museum, Athens)
    • Athena stands supported on her right leg, while the left one rests loosely behind. She leans against her spear, which she holds in her left hand, and rests her right hand on her thigh.
    • She wears an Attic peplos, folded and girded at the waist, a Corinthian helmet, and no sandals.
    • She contemplates a rectangular stele, which could be a stele marking out the boundaries of her sacred precinct, or a funerary stele, or one bearing a list of the accounts of her sanctuary.
    • The background retains traces of blue colour. Her stance and the treatment of her dress are hallmarks of the Severe Style.
    • Also characteristic are the intense inner feelings and the artist's attempt to convey emotion. Sad? Pensive? Exhausted?
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    • L:
    • Marble statue of peplophoros, c. 460 (Rome, Terme)
    • R:
    • Roman copy of Candia type head

    • Peplos-wearing woman
    • Early 5th C Women were abruptly represented with austere hair, minimal jewellery, thick, concealing dresses
    • compared to late 6th C
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