Chapter 14

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  1. Medication
    A drug or other substance that is used as a remedy for illness
  2. Drug
    A chemical substance that is used to treat or prevent a disease or condition
  3. Pharmacology
    The study of drugs
  4. Types of Medications
    • Carried on EMS unit: Oxygen, oral glucose, activated charcoal, aspirin
    • Prescribed for patients: Inhaled bronchodilator (MDI or SVN), nitroglycerin, epinephrine
  5. Meter-Dose Inhaler or MDI
    Used by a patient who has some type of respiratory disease. Usually prescribed to patients with a history of asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis
  6. Small-Volume Nebulizer or SVN
    Designed to create a continuous flow of vapor that contains the beta2-specific medication
  7. Medication Names
    • Chemical Name
    • Generic Name
    • Trade Name
    • Official Name
  8. Routes of Administration
    • Sublingual
    • Oral
    • Inhalation
    • Intramuscular Injection
  9. Medication Forms
    • Compressed powder or tablet
    • Liquid for injection
    • Gel
    • Suspensions
    • Fine powder for inhalation
    • Small-volume nebulizer
    • Gas
    • Spray
  10. Indications
    Geared toward the relief of signs, symptoms, or specific conditions--a direct therapeutic benefit derived from the administration of the drug
  11. Contraindications
    Situations in which the drug should not be administered because of the potential harm that could be caused to the patient
  12. Dose
    Indicates how much of the drug to be given to the patient
  13. Administration
    The route and form in which the drug is given
  14. Actions
    The effect the drug has on the body
  15. Side Effects
    Actions that are not desired and occur in addition to the desired therapeutic effects
  16. Five Rights
    • Right Patient
    • Right Medication
    • Right Route
    • Right Dose
    • Right Date
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