F/A-18 HYD System

  1. What do the HYD system gauges on the sides of the fuselage indicate?
    Reservoir fluid level
  2. Pumps are regulated to maintain HYD system pressure at ___?
    3,000 psi
  3. T/F:  FWD priority valve shuts off pressure to the gun drive, refueling probe, and the main landing gear?
  4. In the event of a complete loss of hydraulic pressure, the flight controls are driven by:
    they cease to function
  5. Which cautions would indicate a leak in the HYD 2B circuit?
    The HYD 2A caution will come on and go out and a HYD 2B caution will come on
  6. When do the iso valves close?
    On every flight
  7. What is the purpose of the switch valves?
    Enables the 2 HYD system to backup one another in the event one of them fails
  8. Which combination of hydraulic failures is most detrimental to the control of the aircraft?
    HYD 1A and HYD 2B
  9. What is the purpose of the heat exchanger?
    Cool HYD fluid
  10. Which cautions indicate a number 2 HYD pump failure?
    HYD 2A and HYD 2B
  11. Each stab is plumbed such that any one of how many HYD circuits could power the actuators?
  12. T/F:  Provided that there's not a leak in the isolated HYD 2B system, it is recommended that the HYD isolate ORIDE switch be held in the ORIDE position for 10 sec after APU ACCUM caution is removed to ensure full charge
  13. What is the purpose of the isolation valves?
    To lessen the load on pump 2
  14. What is the purpose of the HYD iso ORIDE switch?
    To recharge APU ACCUM in flight
  15. T/F:  An APU ACCUM caution indicates that HYD APU pressure is high?
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F/A-18 HYD System
F/A-18 HYD System