Chapter 10 #3 Study Guide

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  1. What was the outcome of the Constitutional Convention?
    The Constitution took the place of the Articles of Confederation.
  2. The main goals of the Constitution was to:
    • -defend the nation
    • -ensure peace
    • -establish justice
  3. What was the main goal stated in the Preamble(beginning) to the Constitution?
    to protect the peoples liberty
  4. The states hoped to gain under the Articles of Confederation:
    • Freedom
    • independence
    • a firm league of friendship
  5. What was the original purpose of the Constitution Convention?
    The wanted to revise the Articles of Confederation.
  6. What was the major weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
    The government only had one branch.
  7. Government under the Articles of Confederation prevented Congress from…..
    passing laws to collect taxes.
  8. The Northwest Ordinance ordered the territory to be……
    divided into smaller territories.
  9. What caused Shay's Rebellion?
    Massachusetts property taxes were hard on farmers.
  10. What happened when Congress pledged to add the Bill of Rights to the Constitution?
    Many states signed the Constitution.
  11. How did Benjamin Franklin describe the government under the Constitution?
    "A republic, if you can keep it"
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