Ch 7 Words Part 6

  1. septicemia/ sepsis
    system wide disease caused by the presence of bacteria and their toxins in the circulating blood
  2. septic
    person suffering from septicemia
  3. small pox
    viral disease caused by the variola virus before 1975
  4. staphylococcemia
    • the presence of the bacterium, staphylococcus in the blood
    • frequent cause of infections in wounds most common cause of food borne illness, skin inflammation, osteomyelitis (infection of bone), and nosocomial infections
  5. staph infection
    infection caused by staphylococcemia
  6. MRSA/ mersa
    • methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
    • antibiotic resistant strain of staph
  7. streptococcemia
    presence of the bacterium streptococcus in the blood
  8. strep infection
    infections caused by streptococcus
  9. strep throat
    beginning of strep infection where there is pharyngitis
  10. tetanus
    • disease caused by powerful neurotoxin released by the Clostridium tetani
    • acts on the CNS to cause convulsions and spastic paralysis
    • caused by puncture wound that is not properly cleaned
  11. thymoma
    tumor originating in the thymus gland
  12. antibiotic therapy
    • therapeutic treatment involving the use of a substance with known toxicity to a bacteria
    • many bacteria develop resistance to antibiotic
  13. anticoagulant
    • chemical agent that delays or prevents the clotting process in blood
    • administered to reduce the likelihood of clot formation after surgery
    • common anticoagulant- warfarin (Coumadin)
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Ch 7 Words Part 6
Ch 7 Words Part 6