HazMat Decon

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  1. Forms of Decontamination
    • Emergency Decon-life threatening procedure, remove bulk of hazmat from individual
    • Gross Decon-prewash before decon corridor
    • Technical Decon-decon corridor: tool collection,scrubs, showers,and ppe/clothing collection.
    • Mass decon-large groups of people quickly decon for life saving threat
  2. What are other forms of technical decon
    Other form of technical Decon-Adsorption, Absorption, vacuuming, washing, dilution, neutralization, sterilization, Disinfection, Evaporation, Solidification
  3. Which zone does the Decon corrdor take place?
  4. When is decon corridor established?
    prior to making entry to hot zone
  5. What kind of PPE does the crew wear in the decon corridor
    Typically same level as the crews returning from hot zone. No more than 1 level below
  6. Tools and equipment needed for technical decon
    Water collection basin, sprayers, long handled scrub brushes, soap buckets, sponges, tarps, towels, gowns, collection bins for tools, collection bags for ppe and clothing, cones for entry and exit of corridor, victim clothing/personal affects collection basin prior to arrival of decon.
  7. What is last piece of PPE to remove from aresponder
    SCBA and facemask
  8. When would we use Mass Decon
    Chemical Biological Radiological Nerve agent Explosive
  9. What pressure to flow fog nozzles in mass casualty / emergency decon
    30-50 psi
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