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  1. What tube connects the epididymis to the urethra in the male reproductive system?
    The Vas Deferens
  2. What is the tiny hole in the ovule in which the pollen tube enters?
    The Micropyle
  3. Define self pollination.
    When pollen is transfered from the anther to the stigma of the same plant.
  4. Define cross pollination
    When pollen is tranfered from the anther of one plant to the stigma of another.
  5. Where are the epididymis and seminiferous tubules?
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  6. What is the name of the starch store in broad bean seeds?
  7. The hormone HCG is produced during pregnancy, what is its function?
    To prevent degeneration of the corpus luteum.
  8. What is the advantage of using Monoclonal antibodies in pregnancy testing?
    They can be specific to the hormone HCG
  9. Define Pollination.
    The transfer of pollen grains which contain male gametes from the anthers to receptive stigmas.
  10. What is distinct about inscet pollinated plant?
    • Brightly colouredn flowers.
    • Have scent and nectaries
    • Anthers are small and inside flower
    • Stigmas are small and inside flower
    • platforms provided for insects to land on, mimic female insects.
  11. What is distinct about wind pollinated plants?
    • green flowers
    • have no scent,
    • petals usually absent,
    • stigmas and anthers oustide the flower so that pollen can be easily carried away from the anther by the wind and pollen grains easily picked up by the stigma.
  12. Describe the pollen produced from wind pollinated plants.
    • Produced in large quantities.
    • Light smooth pollen.
  13. Describe the pollen produced by insect pollinated plants.
    • Produced in small quantities.
    • Sticky
  14. Where does meiosis take place to produce pollen grains?
    • Anther
    • Pollen grains contain haploid male gametes
  15. What is the stigma?
    The receptive surface for pollen. 

  16. What is the function of petals? ( In insect pollinated plants )
    Brightly colored to attract insects.
  17. What is the embryo sac?
    Where the female nucleus and polar body are contained.
  18. What is a zygote? (plants)
    The result of the fusion of one of the male gametes with the female egg nucleus.
  19. What causes a Triploid endosperm nucleus?
    The fusion of a male gamete with the polar nuclei.
  20. What are the stages of spermatogenesis ?
    • Germinal epithelium cells divide by mitosis to form..
    • Spermatogonia (which are haploid) divide by mitosis to form..
    • Primary Spermatocytes divide by Meiosis 1 to form ..
    • Secondary Spermatocytes
  21. What part of the plant develops into the Embryo?
    The Zygote
  22. What part of the plant develops into the Fruit?
  23. What part of the plant develops into the Testa or seed coat? (waterproof)
  24. What part of the plant develops into the seed?
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