exam 4 music appreciation 1

  1. when was the era of romanticism?
  2. who were the three virtuoistic composers?
    which romantic composer wwas good in violin that used the dazzling technique?

    who was good in piano?where was he from?

    who was the "revolutionary etude"?


  3. describe tepremental musicians.
    • they were ego driven.
    • usually female.
    • opera and are fussy, difficult, and demanding.
  4. Was chopin a tempremental musician?
    where did he live?
    • yes
    • he lived in Geroge's house and she supported him (lady looked like a man)
  5. Who was the tempremental muscian from the opera that was a diva and got fired?
    Kathlene battle
  6. During what era was the conductor needed again?
    who was the young conductor of Los angeles who worked with philaharmonic?
    • 19th centruy.
    • Dudamell and he was from veneswela and is 32 years old.
  7. what were the three ideas of the spirit of romanticism during the revolution?
    liberte, egalite,and fraternite
  8. what was the romanticism era best known for?
    the French revolution that started before the American revolution.
  9. Where was chopin from?
  10. during the romanticism spirit period, music was based on nature and exotism. What is exoticism?
    what is national music?

    what was the motto of the French revolution?
    It is the preoccupation in trying to find symphonies from other countries.

    folk music in your country.

    dreamers the big I
  11. How did music in the 19th century change?
    the music became more wide, expansive melodies, and they were virtuosic.

    had rubato

    • had chromaticism, program music
    • large, lengthy formswide dynamic range
    • exotic instruments/English horn and tuba.
  12. what does Lied mean in German?
    song leader.
  13. Describe what an art-song lied is?
    vocalist accompanied by piano each assuming equal responsibilities.
  14. what was the music based on in the romantic era?

    what was the form of music?
    great poetry and vocal color with piano.

    strophic (hymn and music) or through-composed(start from beginning and end like a story with no repeating anything).
  15. what does song cycle mean?
    performed by a group.
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