Mod A unit 4 review

  1. brain and spinal cord are part of the.....
    central nervous system
  2. Dura mater, pia mater, and arachnoid....
    are part of the membrane that covers the brain
  3. the brain's major motor are is located in
    frontal lobe
  4. the temporal lobe contains center for
    auditory and language input
  5. hypothalamus functions:
    • regulate temp
    • regulat b/p
    • produces neurosecretion
    • produces hormones
  6. medulla oblangata controls and regulates:
    • brething
    • swallowing
    • vomitting
  7. cerebrospinal fluid circulates between
    brain and spinal cord
  8. what controls the 7 vital body functions
  9. cerebrum
    is the largest & uppermost portion of the brain
  10. cranium
    is cavity that hold the brain
  11. hypothalamus controls
    autonomic nervous system (ans)
  12. sensory nerves
    nerves that transmit impulses TO the CNS
  13. interneurons
    mediate impulses between sensory and mortor neurons
  14. motor neurons
    nerves that transmit impulses AWAY from CNS
  15. 2 main divisions of nervous system
    • central nervous
    • peripheral Nervous
  16. 12 pairs
    of cranial nerves
  17. 31 pairs
    of spinal nerves
  18. 2 divisions of autonomic system
    • symapthetic
    • parasympathetic
  19. sympathetic system
    is concerned with the body functions under stress
  20. simple reflex
    nerve action w/o interpretation as a result of stimulus
  21. covering of a nerve
  22. cerebrovascular accident aka
    • CVA
    • Stroke
    • apoplexy
  23. High fever, chills, H/A, Positive Brudzinki's & Kering's signs charecterize
  24. Retina compares to
    Film of camera
  25. Lens compares to
    lens of camera
  26. choroid and sclera
    cover & protect the eyes
  27. the Iris
    controls the size of the pupil
  28. accomodation
    refers to the lens changing schape to see near objects
  29. matrix
    is blocking out appts. in schedule book
  30. scheduling that produces longest pt. waiting time
    wave scheduling
  31. MRI is a
    Radiology report
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