Anthropology Ch. 7 Vocabulary

  1. balanced reciprocity
    The exchange of goods considered to have roughly equal value; social purposes usually motivate the exchange.
  2. generalized reciprocity
    The giving of goods without expectation of a return of equal value at any definite future time.
  3. limited-purpose money
    Money that may be used to purchase only a few kinds of goods.
  4. market
    Exchange by means of buying and selling, using money.
  5. negative reciprocity
    Exchange motivated by the desire to obtain goods, in which the parties try to gain all the material goods they can.
  6. reciprocity
    The transfer of goods for goods between two or more individuals or groups.
  7. redistribution
    The collection of goods or money from a group, followed by a reallocation to the group by a central authority.
  8. social distance
    The degree to which cultural norms specifiy that two individuals or groups should be helpful to, intimate with or emotionally attached to one another.
  9. tribute
    The rendering of goods (typically including food) to an authority such as a chief.
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Anthropology Ch. 7 Vocabulary
Anthropology Ch. 7 Vocabulary