Bio Microscopes!!!!!!!!

  1. What is the compound light microscope used for?
    to magnify small thin, transparent objects using transmitted light
  2. What is the dissecting microscope used for?
    to observe large, opaque objects, reflected light is used rather than transmitted light
  3. Objective lens is what?
    different magnifying lenses on the microscope
  4. What is the shortest lens on the comp. light microscope?
    scanning lens
  5. Name the objective lens on the comp. light microscope in order of size. AND state the magnification power
    • -scanning lens 40
    • -low power lens (10x or 100 )
    • -high power lens ( 40x or 400)
    • -oil immersion lens (100x or 1000)
  6. What does the iris diaghragm do?
    regulates the amount of light permitted to pass through the condensor and reach the stage
  7. What is Parafocal?
    when material is in good focus at low power, it still will have good focus in another
  8. Working distance is what?
    distance between space between top of slide and bottom of scanning lens
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Bio Microscopes!!!!!!!!
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