S.S. Ancient Rome - grade 6

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  1. What is the significance of Roman roads?
    they linked vast empire together
  2. Which person marked the transition from a Republic to an Empire and how?
    • Julius Ceasar
    • How?
  3. Describe the life of a gladiator.
    Treated poorly, slave, fight in Collsseum
  4. Who were the legendary founders of Rome and how?
    Aneos found Italy where Rome is
  5. Why did the Roman Empire collapse?
    internal conflicts grew too large to control, repeated attacks from Barbarian tribes
  6. What is the Augustan age?
    A period of time in which the empire continued to grow, architects built many new buildings, trade increased and Pax Romana began
  7. Who was Constantine?
    1st Christian Emperor
  8. What is a Colosseum?
    location of many gladiator games
  9. Who was Augustus?
    1st emperor who began the period known as Pax Romana
  10. What is a patrician?
    a member of a rich, landowning family
  11. What is a plebeian?
    an ordinary male citizen of Rome
  12. Who mostly made up the Senate?
  13. Explain the Roman religion.
    Believed in gods; punished anybody who didn't believe in them. (including jews and christians) Constantine made Christianity official religion
  14. How is Christianity connected to ancient Rome?
    Constantine made Christianity Rome's official religion
  15. Why is the eruption of Mount Vesuvius near Pompeii significant?
    volcano preserved many artifacts in great condition, which allowed us to further understand the culture of ancient Rome
  16. What is the name of the group of elected representatives that was the ruling body of the Roman Republic?
  17. What is a group of territories ruled by one, powerful leader?
  18. In order, list the types of government that ancient Rome went through.
    Kings, Republic, Empire
  19. How was Rome able to grow so large? What were some results of expansion?
    had a great army, when they were in war they had to split up Empire because it grew so big they couldn't protect it all
  20. How did Rome influence the United States?
    Buildings and architecture (stadiums, buildings in DC); court system and government  (juries, republic, senate), culture (theatre, language)
  21. What is Pax Romana?
    means Roman Peace
  22. What is a republic?
    a nation in which power belongs to the citizens who govern themselves through elected representatives
  23. Who was Julius Ceasar and what happened to him?
    declared himself dictator for life because he thought the Republic was corrupt and disorganized.  He was assassinated by his friends in the Senate.
  24. At the height, how far did the Roman Empire stretch?
    spanned from N.Africa to England and from Spain to the Middle East
  25. What linked citizens from all over the Roman lands?
    road system?
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