Words Part 11

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  1. osteoclasis
    break apart of bone due to improper healing
  2. osteopathy
    medical field that emphasizes the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and overall health with an emphasis on body alignment and nutrition
  3. osteopath, osteopathic surgeon
    • DO
    • physician trained in osteopathy
  4. osteoplasty
    surgical repair of bone
  5. podos
    greek word for foot
  6. podiatry
    specialty that focuses on foot health
  7. podiatrist
    one who specializes in podiatry
  8. tenomyoplasty
    repair of both muscle and tendon
  9. tenorrhaphy
    suturing of a tendon close to the tear
  10. tenotomy
    one or more incisions made to a tendon
  11. vertebroplasty
    repair of damaged or diseased vertebrae
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