Words Part 8

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  1. arthrolysis
    joint loosened of abnormal restrictions such as calcium
  2. arthroplasty
    surgical repair of a joint
  3. arthroscopy
    endoscopic visual examination of a joint cavity using an instrument
  4. arthrotomy
    surgical incision into the synovial cavity joint
  5. bursectomy
    surgery involving the removal of a bursa from a joint
  6. chiropractic
    field of therapy that is centered on manipulation of bones and joints
  7. chondrectomy
    surgical removal of the cartilage in a joint
  8. chrondroplasty
    surgical repair of cartilage
  9. costectomy
    surgery involving the removal of a rib
  10. crainoplasty
    one or more bones of the cranium undergo repair
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