1. A(n) _____ is a craft or occupation that requires manual, artistic, or mechanical skill.
  2. An area, once part of Powhatan Confederacy territory, that later became known as the Middle PlantationĀ settlement. It was then designated as the Capital of the Virginian Colony after colonists claimed Jamestown was too humid and mosquito plagued.
  3. Seat of government; the primary area of a country, region or state known primarily for political status
  4. Skilled worker who makes functional or decorative items
  5. Actives associated with governing by a ruling party or party vying for rulership
  6. Crown colony ruled by a royal colonial governor appointed by a Monarch
    Royal colony
  7. Proposal, or draft, for a law
  8. Patrons (customers) of the Raleigh Tavern expected ____ and ______, _________ of _______ and games of ____ with the Tavern walls.
    food and drinks, discussions of politics, and games of dice
  9. Highest level of craftsman or tradesman; a man capable of producing a masterpiece and earning large sums of money for his work
    Master Craftsman
  10. Craft or tradesman who, having completed an apprenticeship, must work under a master craftsman but this man may live on his own or with his own family
  11. Worker-in-training who seeks to learn a trade from their employer; often their work is payment for the training they receive
  12. I own an establishment that provides food and drinks to influential colonists. We also host auctions, fancy formal parties, and games of chance. Who am I?
    Tavern owner
  13. I am attending studies in advanced studies of moral philosophy and natural philosophy. When I finish my coursework, I'll attend Divinity School and will be ordained by the Church of England. Who am I?
    Attendee of the College of William and Mary
  14. My teacher instructs in writing, reading, adding sums and scripture. Soon I'll learn to sew and do fancy embroidery. I bring bread, wine and occasionally coins to school for the teacher. Who am I?
    A girl attending a dame school
  15. I submit reports to the King of England. King William and Queen Mary are keen to know of all the fine things in here in the capitol. Who am I?
    Governor of the Colony of Virginia
  16. I was brought to this land in the dark belly of a large ship. That cold and damp place is nothing like the broad sunny field I work to farm tobacco. My bed is far from the big house. I was sold at an auction and I am treated like a farm animal. Who am I?
    A slave living on a tobacco plantation
  17. My once small country parish has grown since Middle Plantation became Williamsburg. Around our church they've established a place of universal study. There are many government and college officials among our congregation. Who am I?
    A member of the Bruton Parish Church
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