Anthropology Ch. 6 Vocabulary

  1. agriculture (cultivation)
    Intentional planting, cultivation, care and harvest of domesticated food plants (crops.)

    Planting, caring for, and harvesting domesticated plants.
  2. civilization
    A form of complex society in which many people live in cities.
  3. domestication
    The process by which people control the distribution, abundance, and biological features of certain plants and animals in order to increase their usefulness to humans.
  4. hunting and gathering (foraging)
    Adaptations based on the harvest of wild (undomesticated) plants and animals.
  5. herding (pastoralism)
    Adaptations based on tending, breeding, and harvesting the products of domesticated animals (livestock).

    Adaptation in which the needs of livestock for naturally occuring pasture and water greatly influence the movements of groups.
  6. horticulture
    A method of cultivation in which hand tools powered by human muscles are used and in which land use is extensive.
  7. intensive agriculture
    A system of cultivation in which plots are planted annually or semiannually; usually uses irrigation, natural fertilizers, and (in the Old World) plows powered by animals.
  8. nomadism
    Seasonal mobility, often involving migration to high-altituede areas during the hottest and driest parts of the year.
  9. peasants
    Rural people who are integrated into a larger society politically and economically.
  10. surplus
    The amount of food (or other goods) a worker produces in excess of the consumption of herself or himself and her or his dependents.
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Anthropology Ch. 6 Vocabulary
Anthropology Ch. 6 Vocabulary