Operating Systems Windows Server 2003 Chapter 5

  1. An entry in an object's discretionary access control list (DACL) that grants permissions to a user or group. It is also an entry in an object's system access control list (SACL) that specifies the security events to be audited for a user or group.
    Access Control Entry (ACE)
  2. Hidden shared folders created for the purpose of allowing administrators to access the root of partitions and other system folders remotely.
    Administrative Shares
  3. A predefined Microsoft Management Console (MMC) application that allows administration of a variety of computer-related tasks on the local computer or a remote computer.
    Computer Management Console
  4. A part of the security descriptor of an object that contains a list of user or group references that have been allowed or denied permissions to the resource.
    Discretionary Access Control List (DACL)
  5. The Windows Server 2003 utility used to manage disk partitions and volumes.
    Disk Management
  6. The permissions that actually apply to a user or group based on the different permissions of the user or groups they are members of on a particular resource.
    Effective Permissions
  7. A file system supported in Windows Server 2003 but traditionally associated with MS-DOS operating system. It can be used on partitions or volumes of up to 4 GB in size.
  8. A derivative of another file system that supports partition sizes up to 2 TB, but provides less security features of the latest file system.
  9. The native file system of Windows Server 2003, provides better availability and performance than previous file systems, while also providing the ability to configure local security permissions, compression, encryption and more.
  10. A data resource container that has been made available over the network to authorized network clients.
    Shared Folder
  11. A more granular set of NTFS permissions that allows an administrator a higher degree of control over the abilities assigned to users or groups for a particular resource.
    Special NTFS Permissions
  12. The permissions available on the Security tab of an NTFS file or folder.
    Standard NTFS Permissions
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Operating Systems Windows Server 2003 Chapter 5
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