Metals and the re-activity Series

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  1. What is displacement?
    When a reactive metal comes into contact with the compound of a less reactive metal, the less reactive metal is removed from the compound and replaced by the more reactive metal.
  2. Iron + Copper sulphate >
    Iron sulphate + copper
  3. When bubbles occur, what does that mean?
    That a gas was made.
  4. How do you know if a reaction has happened? (3)
    Temperature change, bubbles, colour change
  5. copper + silver nitrate >
    copper nitrate + silver
  6. What metal rusts?
  7. What is gold useful for and why?
    Jewelry because it is shiny and unreactive
  8. What is the layer called on the surface that is formed when the metal reacts with the oxygen in the air?
  9. How do we prevent bridges and cars from rusting and why does it prevent rusting?
    Paint. This is because rust is just oxygen and water vapour so the paint stops oxygen and water vapour from getting to the iron.
  10. What is patina
    A green tarnish that develops on copper
  11. Metal + oxygen >
    metal oxide
  12. Iron + zinc chloride >
    no reaction
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