1. acerbic
    having a sour or bitter taste or character; sharp; biting

    Sour patch kids are very acerbic.
  2. alchemy
    a medieal science aimed as the transmutation of metals, esp. base metals into gold

    The ideology of recycling is the alchemist's ultimate dream: turn waste back into gold
  3. amenable
    agreeable; responsive to suggestion

    The husband tried to be amenable to his wife's suggestion that he help with household chores by doing the laundry that night.
  4. astringent
    having a tightening effect on the living tissue; harsh; severe

    I use astringent at night to tighten my pores.
  5. contiguous
    sharing a border; touching; adjacent

    The contiguous United States does not include Alaska and Hawaii.
  6. convention
    a generally agreed-upon practice or attitude

    Double-spacing a paper was a convention many teachers enforced in high school.
  7. cynicism
    an attitude or quality of belief that all people are motivated by selfishness

    Larry's cynicism prevents him from ever finding the good in other people.
  8. decorum
    polite or appropriate conduct or behavior

    Synonyms: courtliness, demeanor

    Her daughter acted very decorum at her mother's lavishly decorated wedding.
  9. derision
    scorn, ridicule, contemptuous treatment

    Synonyms: insult

    Once Denise felt her confidence rise, her husband fed her with derision and she felt even worse than ever.
  10. disparage
    to slight or belittle

    Synonyms: discourage, disdain, vilify

    Her son disparaged her cooking of the asparagus.
  11. divulge
    to disclose or make known something secret

    She divulged to her friend her desire to dive into an affair with a married man.
  12. flout
    to show contempt for, as in a rule or convention

    Synonyms: affront, defy, repudiate

    Fishers are still flouting the law and fishing for trout the in banned lake.
  13. garrulous
    pointlessly talkative; talking too much

    Synonyms: babbling, prattling, glib

    I become very garrulous after I have been drinking a lot.
  14. glib
    marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial

    Synonyms: eloquent, loquacious, facile

    It was a glib response to a complex question.
  15. hubris
    overbearing presumption or pride; arrogance

    Synonyms: audacity, cockiness

    The husband was very hubris and was on his fifth wife.
  16. imminent
    about to happen, impending

    Synonyms: next, inevitable

    THe immigrant's deportation was imminent once he was reported.
  17. immutable
    not capable of change

    Synonyms: abiding, perpetual

    The mutation that appeared on her face was immutable.
  18. impetuous
    hastily or rashly energetic; impulsive and vehement

    Synonyms: sudden, impassioned, ardent

    Her decision to by a pet snake was impetuous.
  19. inimical
    damaging; harmful; injurious

    Synonyms: pernicious, repugnant

    The enemy had very inimical intentions.
  20. intractable
    not easily managed or directed; stubborn; obstinate

    synonyms: tenacious, headstrong, obstinate, obdurate

    She was intractable when she was told to retract her statement about the lesibians.
  21. maverick
    an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party

    Synonyms: radical

    Tom Cruise was called a maverick in the movie because of the way he flew his plane.
  22. mercurial
    characterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood.

    Synonyms: temperamental, capricious, erratic

    THe mercury in the thermometer must be mercurial to detect the change in temperature.
  23. neophyte
    a recent covert; a beginner; novice

    Synonyms: tyro, rookie

    He was a neophyte to the fight club and got the shit kicked out of him.
  24. obfuscate
    to deliberately obscure; to make confusing

    Synonyms: baffle, confound

    The diet obfuscated the obese lady and caused her to eat even more.
  25. obstinate
    stubborn; hardheaded; uncompromising

    Synonyms: obdurate, dogmatic, intransigent, adamant

    She was obstinate when her boyfriend wanted to have sex because she wanted to abstain from sex before marriage.
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