Philosophy Korsgaard

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  1. Common criticism about Kant
    too rigorous and doesn't allow for exceptions
  2. 1. Formula of universal law
    you CAN lie, why?
    • If you know a liar is lying, you can lie b/c they are expecting you're telling the truth
    • universal lying to a liar b/c he expects the truth which is why he's lying
  3. 2. Formula of humanity and kingdom of ends

    autonomy is so important to kant and lying violates that
    • parent and child
    • child wants to "borrow" money but reality is just wants money
    • parent agrees to child because they know the end and share the same end
  4. 3. How to deal with evil 
    Double - level theory
    king of ends is ideal BUT people involved/reality isn't ideal
  5. kingdom of ends (ideal) vs reality (not ideal)

    scenario: affirmative action
    • KOE - doesn't have discrimination
    • Reality - has discrimination

    Affirmative action - this is discrimination, BUT is necessary to bring about good and is guided by the KOE ideal.
  6. kingdom of ends (ideal) vs reality (not ideal)

    scenario: lying
    prioritize rules
    • Reality - Murderer at the door
    • KOE - no murderers 

    • options: 1. be honest (person dies)
    •              2.shoot them (further from ideal)
    •          **3.lie (closest to ideal) so pick this one
  7. Ground of obligation
    must come from something a priori (rational) and not experience
  8. Lying for a good reason, lie back?
  9. conform to moral law why?
    b/c of inclination vs duty
  10. Wolff Psycology
    lump duty together, but can't differentiate between empirical (experience) and rational (reason)
  11. what serves as principle for moral law?
    Moral law itself
  12. Theoretical to Practical reason
    • common reason is good at practical reason easily led astray by life (feelings and inclinations)
    • so philosophy gives us more objective
  13. Democratic ideal and korsgaard
    based on autonomy and rational freedom
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