oral surgery instrument

  1. to lift and remove small root tips in difficult areas
    root tip pick-angular, root tip pick-straight
  2. to separate tissue from tooth bone; to hold tissue away from surgical site
    periosteal elevator-molt, periosteal elevator-seldin, angular elevator-crane prick, angular elevator-potts:
  3. to remove debris or granulation tissue from surgical site; to remove cyst from extraction site or surgical site; to perform gross tissue debridement
    surgical curette- angular, surgical curette-molt
  4. to grasp tissue or bone fragments; to hold and grasp material in and out of the oral cavity
  5. to grasp and manipulate suture needle during use
    needle holder
  6. a safety function for safety blade
    reusable bard parker
  7. to trim and remove excess alveolar bone after extraction of teeth; to contour alveolar bone after single or multiple extraction
  8. to use with bone chisel to section tooth for easier removal by tapping on chisel with mallet; to use with bone chisel to reshape orcontour alveolar bone
  9. can get into acute angles with its beveled edges also use to remove bone
    single bevel chisel
  10. used for splitting the teeth
    bi bevel chisel
  11. to cut tissue
    tissue scissor-dean, iris, kelly
  12. remove or smooth rough edges of alveolar bone
    bone file
  13. to cut sutures
    suture scissors
  14. to hold tissue, tongue, or cheek away from surgical area
    tissue retractor, tissue minnesota
  15. to hold patients mouth open during dental procedure
    mouth prop, bite block, mouth gag
  16. to maintain a clear working field by removing salvia, blood and debris
    surgical aspirating tip cogswell
  17. to hold tissue during surgical procedures
    tissue forceps
  18. basic setup
    mouth mirror, explorer, cotton pliers
  19. applies topical anesthetic
    cotton tip applicator
  20. to administer local anesthesia
    aspirating syringe
  21. temporarily numbs surface mucosa before injection
    topical anesthetic
  22. used as a surgical pressure pack to stop bleeding
    2x2 gauze
  23. used to clean patient face after procedures
    4x4 gauze
  24. to carry and dispense irrigation solution into canal for cleansing and debridement
    luer lock syringe
  25. used to irrigate the surgical site
    sterile saline solution or sterile water
  26. to suture or close surgical site
    suture packet
  27. used on bleeding surface as a hemostatic
  28. ideal for sterile drainage of open and/or infected wounds
    sterile packing strip
  29. for use on dry socket
    dry socket paste: (extract of clove oil, and analgesic), benzocaine(an anesthetic), and iodophorm(an antimicrobial)
  30. to cut cavity preparation; to form inner walls of cavity preparation; to place retention grooves in walls of cavity preparation
    high speed handpiece and straight fissure surgical bur
  31. sterile grasping instrument used to move surgical instruments, blades, needle, and suture material to the instrument table at surgery
    sterile transfer forceps
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