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  1. skin impairment CV compromised
    increased risk elder immobility.
  2. limited mobility r/t skin
    increase risk pressure ulcers
  3. change position carefully
    r/t decreased circularity effectiveness
  4. decreased liver enzymes
    decreases metabolizations of meds
  5. dehydration alters vital signs
    less water =dehydration=increase heart rate 100beats above
  6. incontinence
    A&O x3= change intake, start continence program
  7. hearing loss
    r/t increase serum leads to decrease conduction
  8. sex
    schedule private time
  9. sleeplessness=irritability
    irritability sign of sleeplessness
  10. sleep needs
    unchanged needs; patterns change
  11. cultural considerations
    which foods are usually consumed?
  12. loose teeth
    not normal, should last life time, potential airway obstruction
  13. UGI prep
    upper gastrointestinal series test
    NPO 6-8hrs
  14. EGD
    can Dx ulcers
  15. NGT suction
    nasogastric tube
    none vented must be low intermittent
  16. NGT
    nasogastric tube irrigation trouble shooting
  17. NGT to suction not draining
    nasogastric tube
    verify placement then irrigate
  18. NGT irrigation
    nasogastric tube
    normal saline preferred
  19. NGT residual
    nasogastric tube
    greater than 100mg/hold feeding
  20. post Op bypass diet
    clear liquids
  21. symptomatic hiatal hernia
    worst when lying down
  22. Barret's esophagus
    complications with GERD (reflux disease)
  23. systematic GIB
    Gastricintestinal bleed
    GI bleed trends Vital signs watch for shock.
  24. Zantac
    decreases gastric acid production
  25. GIB
    GI bleed
    evidence=Melina, a black tarry stool.
  26. dumping syndrome
    small frequent meals no liquids
  27. prevent dumping syndrome
    • no liquids w/meals
    • no liquids 1hr before & 2hrs after meals
  28. valsalva maneuver (straining BM)
    straining may lead to rupture of heart after MI (myocardial infarction)
  29. exercise for constipation
    increase activity is moving.
  30. apply post Op diet
    clear liquids, apple juice, broth, sprite, coffee w/o cream
  31. avoid caffeine & high fiber diets
    = inflammatory bowel disease-protect tissue
  32. celiac disease
    avoid gluten, barley, rye,oats, wheat (B.R.O.W)
  33. intussupception
    telescoping of bowels leads to obstruction
  34. stoma assessment
    healthy perfused, moist & pink
  35. new stoma assessment frequency
    check 8q x3 days
  36. safety with chronic liver failure
    bleeding precaution use soft tooth brush
  37. delegate care with fulminant liver failure
    assess to determine care to delegate
  38. bleeding varices
    history of sclerosis, blood streak emesis
  39. pancreatitis avoids ETOH

    estrogen/thiazide diuretic/opioid/hyperparathyroidism
    no alcohol
  40. cholesterol in gallstones
    components from bile
  41. fat post chol
    adjust dietary fat to individual tolerance
  42. fat disturbance post chole
    thru out the day
  43. smooth muscle of the prostate
    contributes to the contraction of ejaculation
  44. hypospadias
    meatus on under side
  45. obstruction
    unable to void greater than 24hrs needs Foley
  46. prostatitis
    empty bladder frequently
  47. peyronie's disease
    curved penis
  48. epididymitis
    elevate, ice, give meds
  49. antihypertensives ED
    erectile dysfunction
    contribute to erectile dysfunction
  50. male infertility
    maybe pretesticular r/t endocrine
  51. infertile after 1 yrs
    medically document attempted conception x1 yrs
  52. aging MS cartilage
    joint stiffness r/t rough cartilage
  53. cmst+pain pulse
    ortho trauma
  54. elevated Alkaline phosphatase
    bone tumor
  55. CK-MM
    my muscle, skeletal muscle injury r/t trauma, injury, crush.
  56. MRI
    best 3D non invasive image
  57. bone biopsy complications
    hemorrhage, unrelieved pain.
  58. post bone biopsy
    immobilize area for 12hrs
  59. complication of bone biopsy
    report uncontrolled pain
  60. fracture management
    maintain immobilization
  61. fracture pain management
    meds as ordered PRN
  62. RICE for cast managment
    elevate to decrease edema
  63. fracture assessment w treatment-DVT
    report to Rn positive homans sign
  64. gout dietary avoids
    organ meats
  65. rheumatoid arthritis & functional assessment
    able to do ADL's dressing, hygiene
  66. rheumatoid arthritis & NSAIDs
    use for pain control
  67. CPM
    continuous passive movement
    to restore joint function
  68. myelin sheath insulation
    electrically isolates neurons from one another
  69. neurotransmitter
    carries impulses across synapse
  70. pans neurotransmitter
  71. abnormal extension or decerebrate
    brainstem poor prognosis
  72. anisocoria
    normal unequal pupils born that way
  73. post Lp
    lumbar puncture
    lay flat 6-8hrs head of bed down
  74. consensual
    both pupil constrict w/light in one eye
  75. EEG prep
    hair should be clean & dry before test
  76. improved meningitis
    able to touch chin to chest/no nuchal rigidity
  77. prevent iicp
    increase intracranial pressure
    quiet, dark room, head of bed up, stool softener
  78. seizures
    maintain airways abc 123
  79. seizure airway compromise
    check airway adequate o2, intervene as needed
  80. epidural hematoma
    emergent arterial bleed may lead to death rapid intervention
  81. diabetes insipidus
    polyuria/frequent urination
  82. C spine precaution
    don't move neck, no flexion, or rotation.
  83. Parkinson ADLs
    increase Independence support ADL's (Velcro)
  84. Alzheimer's environment
    keep environment familiar, non stimulating
  85. Alzheimer's distress
    may cause anxiety & dysfunction
  86. TIA
    transient ischemic attack
    temporary impairment of cerebral circulation/brain o2 deprived
  87. 3hr window
    onset of symptoms to treatment w/thrombolitics
  88. antiplatelet aggregate
    stared in first 24hrs example- plavix, aspirin,aggrenox.
  89. contralateral
    opposite side
  90. flaccidity
    soft paralyzed w/o movement
  91. receptive aphasia
    don't understand verbal, must gesture
  92. CVA rehab
    maintain physical therapy/ortho therapy till transferred
  93. MS
    multiple sclerosis
    chronic progressive degenerative disease/demylination destruction of nerve fibers
  94. MG S/S
    myasthenia gravis
    great muscle weakness, ptosis (eye droop) fatigue
  95. MG tensilon test
    temporary improvement of ptosis
  96. myasthenia gravis thymectomy
    remove thymus to decrease symptoms...decreases symptoms in most ppl.
  97. myasthenia gravis scheduled meds
    adjust timing for activities & school
  98. ALS S/S
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    Lou Gehrig disease
    weakness fatigue, decrease coordination of extremities
  99. monitor ABG's w/guillain barre syndrome
    respiratory involvement increase need to check ABG's..arterial blood gases
  100. eye & bell's palsy
    protect eye...patch
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