Ethics - Ethical Egoism

  1. What is the basic difference between Psychological Egoism and Ethical Egoism?
    • Psychological Egoism states that we always do what we want (it's not a moral theory).
    • Ethical Egoism states that we ought to pursue self-interest.
  2. What are two arguments given for Psychological Egoism?
    • We always do what we want.
    • We always do what makes us feel good.
  3. From the viewpoint of Ayn Rand, evaluate whether and why this statement is true or false:

    "Everyone is an egoist, for everyone always pursues their rational self-interests."
    • False
    • We SHOULD pursue our self-interests is what Rand would contend. The quote listed is more from a Psychological Egoism point of view.
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