1. John Cage
    He wrote 4 mins and 33 seconds the father of chance music. He studied with Schoenberg, studied zen buddhism and got a fresh attitude toward music, time and indeed all experience why should music be different than sounds of life.
  2. minimalism
    A late 20th century style involving many repetitions of simple musical fragments
  3. John Adams
    he the one that made El Nino and was born in 1947 inspired by vernacular as well as cultivated styles and genres
  4. El Nino
    on the DVD
  5. culivated music
    In America, genres and styles of music that were brought from Europe and subsequently nurtured here through forml training and education
  6. vernacular music
    Music that was developed in America outside the European concert music tradition
  7. call and response
    In African and early African American music, a style in which a phrase by a leading singer or soloist is an aswered by a larger group or chorus and the process is repeated again and again
  8. spiritual
    Religious folk song, usually among Arrican Americans
  9. jazz
    A major African American performance style that has influenced all 20th century popular music
  10. beat syncopation
    In jazz, the fractional shifting of accents away from the beats
  11. rhythm section
    In jazz, the instrumental group used to emphasize and invigorate the meter
  12. blues
    A type of African American vernacular music, used in jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, and other styles of popular music
  13. gosel music
    Genre of African Americna choral church music, associated with the blues
  14. ragtime
    A style of American popular music around 1900, usually for piano, which led to jazz
  15. Scott Joplin
    was a rag composer, lived from 1868-1917 his famous one is Maple Leaf Rag, and The Entertainer
  16. New Orleans Jazz
    first important center of jazz home of the greatest early jazzman Louis Armstrong who played cornet and trumpet this is where they improvisation or jamming
  17. Louis Armstrong
    played cornet and trumpet born in NO he played in seedy clubs and on riverboats were floating dance halls that traveled from town to town on the Mississippi he played for King Oliver and Fletcher Henderson
  18. symbolism
    A late 19th century movement in the arts that emphasized suggestion rather than precise reference
  19. expressionism
    An early 20th century movement in art, music, and literature in Germany and Austria
  20. pentatonic scale
    A five note scarle familiar from folk music playable on the black notes of a keyboard
  21. whole tone scale
    A scale used sometimes by Debussy, comprising only six notes to the octave, each a whole tone apart two semitones
  22. octatonic scale
    An eight not scale used by Stavisnsky and others consisting of half and whole steps in alternation
  23. quarter tone scale
    A 24 note scale used in the 20th century consisting of all the semitones of the chromatic scale and all quarter tones in between the semitones
  24. serialism
    The technique of composing with a series, generally a twelve tone series
  25. atonal music
    As melody grew more complex and harmony grew more dissonant tonality grew more indistinct some music reached a point at which no tonal center could be detected at all
  26. Claude Dubussy
    border of late nineteenth and early twentieth century styles part of the movement of impressionism late romantic era
  27. Three Nocturnes
    Claude Debussy created it in 1899 on cd 2
  28. Igor Stravinsky
    primancy of rhythm 1882-1971 he studied pre romantic era like bach and mozart but putting his twist on it called neo classicism
  29. The Rite of Spring
    cd 3 Igor composed it
  30. Sprechstimme
    is an extreme example of the avant garde composers search through the most basic artistic materials for new expressive means here sound that is not even fully organized into pitches Schoenberg invention its in between singing and speaking
  31. Aronold Schoenberg
    1874-1951 he created the twelve tone system
  32. Pierrot lunaire
    made in 1912 by Schoenberg cd 3 has sprechstimme has five instruments flute clarinet violin cello and piano
  33. Alban Berg
    made Wozzeck in 1923 was his first opera died by an insect bite
  34. Wozzeck
    was a opera by Berg in 1923 it contains no aria and uses leitmotivs its like Pierrot lunaire about a soldier
  35. twelve tone system
    method of composition devised by Arnold Schoenberg in which the twelve pitches of the octave are ordered by and strictly manipulated
  36. Charles Ives
    1874-1954 church organist as a teenager was an insurance person famous is second orchestal set second movement
  37. Maurice Ravel
    is part of the moderism boring in 1875 worked beteween impressionism and modernism his last work was piano concerto in G 1931
  38. modernism
    • Pitch
    • New scales
    • Rhythm
    • New combinations, new rhythms
    • Instrumentation
    • New sounds
    • Form
    • Rethinking the old concepts
  39. Bela Bartok
    1881-1945 type of music he used is folk music from Hungarian and left Germany and his publisher he was a pianist educator and musicologist and a composer
  40. Leon Theremin
    • Oscillating circuits
    • One closed, one open
    • Second circuit becomes closed when body gets near antenna
  41. big bands
    The big jazz bands 10 to 20 players of the 1930s and 1940s
  42. swing
    big band jazz called this compensated from some of its lost spontaneity by variety of tone color and instrumental effects
  43. Dukee Ellington
    1899-1974 made the conga brava in 1940 starts to play in couple ragtime and jazz bands to form his own he is clled duke because of a certain aristocratic bearing and he was fatidious about his music too
  44. bebop
    A jazz style of the 1940s
  45. operetta
    A 19th century type of light often comic opera employing spoken dialogue in between musical numbers
  46. musicals
    American development of operetta, involving American subjects and music influenced by jazz or rock
  47. Leonard Bernstein
    composer and conductor of the West Side Story
  48. West Side Story
    had the sharks and jets capulet and montague new yorker and puerto ricans won grammys emmys and a tony
  49. rhythm and blues
    Genre of Arican American music of the early 1950s forerunner of rock
  50. Ray Charles
  51. Fats Domino
  52. Elvis Presley
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