Week 4 Vocab

  1. Ingenuous
    in JEN yoo us
    Lacking in cunning, guile, or worldliness (antonym: disingenuous)

    Janine was so ingenuous that it was too easy for her friends to dupe her.
  2. Subterfuge
    SUB ter fyoozh
    A deceptive stratagem or device.

    The submarine pilots were trained in the art of subterfuge; they were excellent at faking out their enemies.
  3. Surreptitious
    sir up TISH us
    Secretive; sneaky

    Sara drank the cough syrup surreptitiously because she didn't want anyone to know that she was sick.
  4. Dearth
    Scarce supply; lack

    There was a dearth of money in my piggy-bank; it collected dust, but bills.
  5. Modicum
    MAHD ik um
    A small, moderate, or token amount

    A modicum of effort may result in a small score improvement; to improve significantly, however, you must study as often as possible.
  6. Paucity
    PAW sit ee
    Smallness in number; scarcity

    The struggling city had a paucity of jobs and therefore a high level of poverty.
  7. Squander
    SKWAN der
    To spend wastefully

    Carrie squandered her savings on shoes and wasn't able to buy her apartment.
  8. Temperate
    TEM per ut
    Moderate; restrained (antonym: intemperate)

    Temperate climates rarely experience extremes in temperature.
  9. Tenuous
    TEN yoo us
    Having little substance or strength; shaky

    Her grasp on reality is tenuous at best; she's not even sure what year it is.
  10. Diligent
    DIL uh jint
    Marked by painstaking effort; hardworking

    With diligent effort, they were able to finish the model airplane in record time.
  11. Maverick
    MAV rik
    One who is independent and resists adherence to a group

    In the movie Top Gun, Tom Cruise played a maverick who often broke rules and did things his own way.
  12. Mercenary
    MUR sin air ee
    Motivated solely by a desire for money or material gain

    Mercer is a mercenary lawyer; he'll argue for whichever side pays him the most for his services.
  13. Obstinate
    OB stin it
    Stubbornly attached to an opinion or a course of action

    Despite Jeremy's broken leg, his parents were obstinate; they steadfastly refused to buy him an XBox.
  14. Proliferate
    pro LIF er ayt
    To grow or increase rapidly

    Because fax machines, pagers, and cell phones have proliferated in recent years, many new area codes have been created to handle the demand for phone numbers.
  15. Tenacity
    te NAS uh tee

    With his overwhelming tenacity, Clark was finally able to interview Brad Pitt for the school newspaper.
  16. Vigilant
    VIJ uh lent
    On the alert; watchful

    The participants of the candlelight vigil were vigilant, as they had heard that the fraternity across the street was planning to egg them.
  17. Extraneous
    ek STRAY nee us
    Irrelevant; inessential

    The book, though interesting, had so much extraneous information that it was hard to keep track of the important points.
  18. Juxtapose
    JUK stuh pohz
    To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast

    Separately the pictures look identical, but if you juxtapose them, you can see the differences.
  19. Superfluous
    soo PUR floo us
    Extra; unnecessary

    If there is sugar in your tea, honey would be superfluous.
  20. Synergy
    SIN er jee
    Combined action or operation

    The synergy of hydrogen and oxygen creates water.
  21. Tangential
    tan JEN chul
    Merely touching or lightly connected; only superficially relevant

    Though Abby's paper was well written, its thesis was so tangential to its proof that her teacher couldn't give her a good grade.
  22. Aesthetic
    es THET ik
    Having to do with the appreciation of beauty

    Aesthetic considerations determined the arrangement of paintings at the museum; as long as art looked good together, it didn't matter who had painted it.
  23. Aural
    AW rul
    Of or related to the ear or the sense of hearing

    It should come as no surprise that musicians prefer aural to visual learning.
  24. Cacophony
    kuh KAH fuh nee
    Discordant, unpleasant noise

    Brian had to shield his ears from the awful cacophony produced by the punk band onstage.
  25. Dirge
    A funeral hymn or lament

    The dirge was so beautiful that everyone cried, even those who hadn't known the deceased.
  26. Eclectic
    e KLEK tik
    Made up of a variety of sources or styles

    Lou's taste in music was quite eclectic; he listens to everything from rap to polka.
  27. Incongruous
    in KAHN groo us
    Lacking in harmony; incompatible

    My chicken and jello soup experiment failed; the tastes were just too incongruous.
  28. Sonorous
    SAHN ur us
    Producing a deep or full sound

    My father's sonorous snoring keeps me up all night unless i close my door and wear earplugs.
  29. Strident
    STRY dent
    Loud, harsh, grating, or shrill

    The strident shouting kept the neighbors awake all night.
  30. Debacle
    duh BAHK ul
    Disastrous or ludicrous defeat or failure; fiasco

    Jim's interview was a complete debacle; he accidentally locked himself in the bathroom, sneezed on the interviewer multiple times, and knocked over the president of the company.
  31. Debilitate
    duh BIL i tayt
    Impair the strength of; weaken

    Deb ran the New York City marathon without proper training; the experience left her debilitated for weeks.
  32. Tumultuous
    tum UL choo us
    Noisy and disorderly

    The tumultuous applause was so deafening that the pianist couldn't hear the singer.
  33. Anachronistic
    ah nak ruk NIS tik
    The representation of something as existing or happening in the wrong time period

    I noticed an anachronism in the museum's ancient Rome display: a digital clock ticking behind a statue of Venus.
  34. Archaic
    ar KAY ik
    Characteristic of an earlier time; antiquated; old

    "How dost thou?" is an archaic way of saying "How are you?"
  35. Dilatory
    DIL uh tor ee
    Habitually late

    Always waiting until the last moment to leave home in the morning, Dylan was a dilatory student.
  36. Ephemeral
    e FEM er ul
    Lasting for only a brief time

    The importance of SAT scores is truly ephemeral; when you are applying, they are crucial, but once you get into college, no one cares how well you did.
  37. Redolent
    RED uh lint
    Fragrant; aromatic; suggestive

    The aroma of apple pie wafted into my room, redolent of weekends spent baking with my grandmother.
  38. Temporal
    TEM per ul
    Of, relating to, or limited by time

    One's enjoyment of a Starbuck's mocha latte is bound by temporal limitations; all too soon, the latte is gone.
  39. Onerous
    O ner us
    Troublesome or oppressive; burdensome

    The onerous task was so difficult that Ona thought she'd never she'd through it.
  40. Portent
    POR tent
    Indication of something important or calamitous about to occur; omen

    A red morning sky is a terrible portent for all sailor - it means that stormy seas are ahead.
  41. Prescience
    PRE shens
    Knowledge of actions or events before they occur; foreknowledge; foresight

    Preetha's prescience was such that people wondered if she was psychic; how else could she know so much about the future?
  42. Austere
    aw STEER
    Without decoration; strict

    The gray walls and bare floors of his monastery cell provided an even more austere setting than Brother Austen had hoped for.
  43. Banal
    buh NAL
    Drearily commonplace; predictable; trite

    The poet's imagery is so banal that I think she cribbed her work from Poetry for Dummies.
  44. Hackneyed
    HAK need
    Worn out through overuse; trite

    All Hal could offer in the way of advice were hackneyed old phrases that I'd heard a hundred times before.
  45. Insipid
    in SIP id
    Uninteresting; unchallenging; lacking taste or savor

    That insipid movie was so predictable that I walked out.
  46. Prosaic
    pro ZAY ik
    Unimaginative; dull (antonym: poetic)

    Rebecca made a prosaic mosaic consisting of identical, undecorated tiles.
  47. Soporific
    sah puh RIF ik
    Inducing or tending to induce sleep

    The congressman's speech was so soporific that even his cat was yawning.
  48. Vapid
    VAP id
    Lacking liveliness, animation, or interest; dull

    Vaerie's date was so vapid that she thought he was sleeping with his eyes open.
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