1. separate into pieces
    take sth apart or take apart sth
  2. "to return sth in a shop or to an owner; to admit of being wrong"
    take sth back or take back sth
  3. to separate sb from a group of people to talk to them privately
    take sb aside or take aside sb
  4. 1) leave a place without explanations, 2) about a plane that takes off the earth 3) to reduce amount of sth (eg price)
    take off
  5. to start to do sth new (job or activity)
    take up sth or take sth up
  6. вычитать :) take 11 away from 33 = 22;
    take away sth or take sth away
  7. look carefully at sth noticing all details
    take in sth or take sth in
  8. subscribe oficially
    take out
  9. start to do sth often
    take to
  10. to be extremely busy with sth
    to be taken up with sth
  11. to accept sth from sb (eg an offer)
    take sb up on sth
  12. to be tiring for sb
    take it out for sb
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