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  1. What is layout?
    Layout of an operation or process means how its transforming resources are positioned relative to each other and how its various tasks are allocated to there transforming resources.
  2. Describe the fixed-position layout?
    The transformed resources do not move between the transforming resources. Instead, it is materials, information or customers flowing through an operation.

    F.ex. ships, open-heart surgery, shipbuilding.
  3. Describe the functional layout?
    In this, similar resources are processes are located together. 

    Supermarket - fruits are grouped together to look attractive. Frozen vegetables are grouped because they all need the frozen environment.
  4. Describe the cell layout?
    Here, the transformed resources that are entering the operation are pre-selected to move to one part of the operation. The cell itself may be arranged in either a functional or product layout. 

    • "lunch" products area in a supermarket
    • Maternity unit in hospital.
  5. Describe the product (line) layout?
    It involves locating the transforming resources entirely for the convenience of the transformed resources. Each product follows a clear and predefined flow.

    • Automobile assembly
    • Self-service cafeteria.
  6. See figure 7.8, and 7.2 on page 202 for a good chart.
  7. Read page 208 (ca) and forward for details on how to implement a layout (if needed)
    Ok! I WILL DO IT!
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