Chapter 5 essentials

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  1. spray cleaning products designed for plastics not designed for computers might lack ???????
    antistatic properties
  2. A monitor cleaner that contains ?????? can destroy the antiglare coating on some monitors
  3. a ??????? ?????? ??? for blowing dust out of crevices can also introduce H2O by freezing if too close to object your cleaning.
    can compressed air
  4. use ?????? alcohol for cleaning (not rubbing alcohol, because that has too much water in it).
    Denatured isopropyl
  5. use an ????? spray designed for computer work areas when cleaning.
  6. a regular vacuum can generate ?????? that can harm equipment.
    static electricity
  7. How do you clean inkjets on a printer?
    with a cleaning utility
  8. Laser printers use ????? rather than ink.
  9. On a laser printer, the printer ???? will indicate when it’s getting low on toner. At this point, you may be able to get a bit of extra life out of the cartridge by doing what?
    taking it out and shaking it gently from side to side.
  10. ????? is the rate at which electrical charge flows and is measure in amps.
  11. Humans notice ESD only when it reaches ?????? volts
  12. Some experts say ????? volts is enough to do some damage to computer componets
    as little as one volt
  13. Synthetic materials such as ????? generate much more ESD than natural fibers
  14. Name natural fibers like ?????? that don't generate much ESD
    cotton and wool
  15. The ideal humidity for working on PC hardware is ?
    50 to 80 percent
  16. To lower risk of ESD try not to work in a carpeted area; ?????? is preferred.
    tile or linoleum
  17. To ground yourself, wear an antistatic wrist strap as you work. At your end of the strap is a Velcro bracelet containing a ????? that fits against your skin
  18. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is caused when electricity passing nearby generates a magnetic field that interferes with the operation of a cable or device. Another name for this is ???????.
  19. A ???, sometimes called a ????????, is insufficient voltage.
    sag brownout
  20. A surge suppressor, also called a surge protector, is basically an extension cord, but inside it is a ??????, which can absorb any excess power during a surge or spike, preventing it from reaching the plugged-in devices.
    metal oxide variable resistor (varistor), sometimes abbreviated MOV
  21. Besides electricity, there are several other threats to a PC’s health and safety. what are they?
    • Liquids
    • Temperature
    • Physical Trauma
    • Magnets
  22. Windows has a Power Options group in the ????? window
    Control Panel
  23. ???? Backs up only what’s changed since the last full backup.
  24. ????? Backs up only what’s changed since the last backup of any kind (not just full).
  25. Drive Recovery - If a problem occurred because of a logical error on the hard disk, or a virus or other software problem that caused the drive’s ?????? to be damaged, you may be able to recover some of the files off it by using a special disk-recovery program.
    master file table (MFT) or partition table
  26. In a graphical OS like Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, you manage files via a window-based system where each file and folder is represented by an icon. In Windows, this interface is called ??????; in Mac OS, it’s called ?????.
    Windows Explorer Finder
  27. The path to a file is the list of folders you travel through to get there, starting with the drive letter. The names are separated by ????? on a Windows system or ????? on Mac OS or Linux systems.
    • backslashes (\) on a Windows system (Note \ looks like the beginning of a w for windows)
    • forward slashes (/) on Mac OS or Linux systems
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