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  1. what is decontamination?
    In practice, it is any process that eliminates or substantially reduces the hazards of contaminated surfaces or objects.
  2. what is next in importance to decontaminating the ship?
    decontaminating the crew members
  3. what is the job of the sounding man assigned to each repair party?
    he/she must know where and how to sound all compartments through the use of sounding tubes and visual inspections.
  4. what is the general composition of repair 1 (main deck repair party)?
    an officer or chief petty officer from a deck division is in charge, and the rest of the party is made up of deck petty officer and nonrated personnel, SKs, ITs, EMs, HMs, and aviation details (except in aircraft carriers).
  5. what are the responsibilities of the DDCPO, representing the division officer?
    Ensuring all necessary inspections of damage control and fire-fighting equipment are carried out, and that all such equipment is maintained in proper working condition.
  6. who is responsible for minimizing the effects id damage , for the operation and maintenance of electric power generators and distribution systems, and for repairs to the hull?
    the engineer officer
  7. what constitutes damage control/
    the correct use of equipment and tech. to prevent minimize or correct damage from any cause-battle, fire, collision grounding, explosion and so forth.
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