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  1. On-the-job education should start with planned, routine, intensive in-service training of
    all field and office personnel
  2. A well developed ______ activity report can serve practically all the reporting needs of an organization for statistical purposes
  3. ______ is the doing of an authorized act in an unauthorized manner
  4. A program plan should be developed for each of the program activities.  This plan should list which of the following criteria for each activity?
    • -work load and methods to meet program objectives and financing
    • -resource requirements, goals and objectives
    • -need for the program, evaluation, and law
  5. The changing role of environmental health scientists, including their duties of administrating services to the public, has been brought about largely due to
    public recognition of the problems and the desire for higher quality of life
  6. An administrative process of measuring and analyzing results in relation to specific goals, objectives, aims or targets is
  7. Since competent direction is essential to a divisional program's effectiveness, it is important to offer
    adequately compensated

    should not include:  bonus salaries, marginal salaries, a structured incremental pay plan
  8. ______ is the failure to perform an official duty without sufficient excuse.
  9. Sanitarians, environmental health scientists, and other environmental specialists must obtain which of the following minimum educational requirements?
    a baccalaureate degree
  10. To have a successful environmental control service, the retention of competent personnel is a primary concern. Which of the following is (are) required to retain competent personnel?
    • -adequate salaries                 
    • -pleasant, stimulating working conditions      
    • -a dynamic and challenging program
  11. A standard for dishwashing that states that the "total bacteria count should not exceed one hundred per utensil surface," is an example of what type of objective?
  12. From a legal standpoint, which of the following is true regarding enforcement of standards?
    specification-type standard is easier to enforce than a performance standard
  13. Legal proceedings to enforce a law may include
    • -issuance of an order to eliminate a violation         
    • -suspension of a permit                     
    • -civil sanctions
  14. In many cases the only contact many people have with a control agency such as a health department is through which of the following avenues of communication?
  15. An example of ______ is closing down an establishment without first giving a required statutory notice
  16. The effectiveness of an inspection program depends on technical competence and   the ______ of regulatory staff.
  17. The statement of goals and objectives should recognize environmental quality and community needs such as
    • -clean air                     
    • -clean food service establishments            -decent housing
  18. Administrative hearings can be useful because
    • -they get the attention of the CEO
    • -they educate the organization about the law                     
    • -they avoid media attention
  19. A comprehensive inspection of an establishment when it is first brought under departmental control is a(n) ______ or ______ inspection
    initial, complete
  20. An action authorized by law to restrict or prevent the movement of goods for the protection of public health, safety and welfare is called
    an embargo
  21. Field observations are not always reported in total because
    the significance of the data is not understood
  22. When an order for suspension or revocation of a permit or license has failed, the next step is to
    hold an administrative hearing
  23. The number of inspections of a facility should be based on
    the risk of illness, injury or death
  24. In an environmental control statistical report for program, the "total man-days expended" will
    show the type and amount of manpower allocated to each of the program activities
  25. Inspections of nonpublic areas can be made by consent of the owner or occupant and
    on the basis of a general administrative plan
  26. Which type of inspection would be conducted prior to legal action?
  27. In order to perform an evaluation, the data collected must be reliable.  Which of the following is not a definitive characteristic of reliability?
    easy to obtain

    definitive characteristics should be:

    • -consistent
    • -reproducible
    • -dependable
  28. The random inspection approach
    fails to focus on recurring problem establishments
  29. The agencies general administrative plan provides the basis for
    an administrative warrant
  30. What should be done after the project is an ongoing program?
    reevaluate goals and objectives; refine program
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